Men, we do this to ourselves

Ice does melt in the presence of heat

A good lady does slip away from a careless man

The blame is on you when the good she walks out the door

Call it our ego, our uncouthness

Call it ill-placed wisdom or lack thereof

But a good lady should be loved

Or else you stand to lose

Man, you will lose a good lady

When you stop listening anymore

When she begins to notice

You don’t value her time like before

You will lose a good lady

When you treat her like a child

Shouting down at her, ordering her around

When you proving a point means she physically hurts

You will lose a good lady

When you abuse her trust

When she loses faith in you

And your words no longer credible

You will lose a good lady

If you treat her with double standards

Expect her to be open with you and tell you all

But you punctuate your life with secret codes and no-go zones

You will lose a good lady

When your insecurity leads to baseless suspicions

Keeping a surveillance on her like a criminal

Inspecting and interrogating her becomes your obsessed mission

You will lose a good lady

When she feels you can be left out, done away with

When she will rather confide in another or keep quiet

Cause talking to you stopped being enjoyable but causes headaches

You will lose a good lady

When you stop making her happy

When you make her laugh no more because you are so cold

You’ll look into her eyes one day and realize she left a long time ago

Don’t crucify her. The problem is you

Man, if you look back well

You will notice how many times she tried

To steer the love back on course

But she is a good lady deserving of the best

Choosing a man is like choosing a climate

She will keep off you when you begin to drain and demean her

And plant herself in a climate that brings out and treasures her best