1. Look at her when she is talking with you

2. Sometimes just stare at her with affectionate eyes. Stare at her as she gives a public speech, does homework with the child, takes a shower

3. Listen to love songs with her

4. Read from the same Bible with her when in a Church service

5. Sit next to her when in public events, family events at your parent’s or her parent’s

6. Kiss her without warning

7. Help her out with chores. Sometimes surprise her by getting things done without her asking

8. Watch movies with her, even if it’s just one movie once in a while

9. Signal at her she is doing well when she is doing something in public. A thumbs up, a smile, hand clap when she is making a presentation

10. Randomly massage her, especially when she is tired or complains of pain

11. Hug her when she is breaking down or getting emotional

12. Kiss her body

13. Run your fingers on her skin as you look at her

14. Out of the blue, gently squeeze her hand when at the movie theater, when watching a play, when being driven in a taxi or matatu, when siting at an event

15. Put her scarf, dress, belt in order when it is out of place. Wipe away the smudge of lipstick or food on her mouth

16. Put your coat on her when she is feeling cold. Cover her with a blanket when she suddenly sleeps

17. Occasionally help her to remove her bra, unhook it for her

18. When you’re both busy working at home or reading separate materials, do it when you’re next to each other. Sweet silence is so precious when you’re both in the same room

19. Cuddle with her, especially in bed. Sleep cuddling

20. Greet her with your smile in the morning

When two people love each other, it shows.