1. Be a Queen in your own right. Be confidently you. This makes him feel he has a strong person who can hold her own next to him

2. Be proud of his achievements and efforts, especially when he goes out of his way to be there for the family

3. Don’t greet him with issues when he comes home. Greet each other warmly when he comes home, when he has relaxed and you have found out how each other has been, then talk about issues

4. Don’t let the home be filled with drama. It is easier for the wife to stay in the house but for husbands, when there is drama, they easily tend to avoid being at home

5. Don’t make major decisions without consulting with him, not because you need his approval but to demonstrate you are doing life with him. Don’t be Miss Independent. Marriage is about interdependence

6. Don’t gossip about him to your friends or bad mouth him behind his back. A King values loyalty

7. Stay faithful to him. Just because you are beautiful and sexy doesn’t mean you entertain other men.  Show him your sexiness and beauty belongs to only him

8. When he does wrong, correct him with love, know when is the right time to let him know he is on the wrong. Don’t let that wrong cancel all the other good he has done for you for years

9. Speak to him with a tone of love and respect. It’s not what you say but how you say it

10. Have great intimacy with him, you are the one he comes to for comfort, relaxation, pleasure, rejuvenation and rest; don’t push him away

11. Make him feel needed. Ask for his help and assistance even when you can do it on your own. A King loves to save the day of his Queen and feel like he is adding value

12. Talk Kingdom talk. Talk great things about the two of you and your family; your investments, your goals as a couple, how can you two maximize your potential, how can you raise great children of excellence. A King loves vision-driven conversations, not talks full of complaints, past mistakes, fear and arguments

13. Avoid bringing issues in public, infront of the children, relatives or friends

14. Approach his presence confidently knowing you are the one he chose, be secure in your throne as a Queen. Confidence makes a woman attractive

15. Invite him to your presence with your warmth and affection; knowing you have the honey that keeps him coming, you have the power that influences him and inspires him

16. Be an admirable woman doing great things as an individual, let him brag about you telling the world “Yes, that is my Queen. Look at how blessed I am to love and be loved by the woman that is her”