1. Submit to God as a husband. This will diminish your pride

2. Have a vision of love that you communicate to her that she can submit to

3. Give her clarity and security. Make her know that she is your priority and focus. When a woman knows that her position is not treatened, she feels safe and pours herself to the relationship

4. Be admirable. She will proudly follow your lead when you bear admirable qualities and character

5. Love her up and water her emotions. Women respond to love by giving love

6. Do not dictate or Lord over her. Show her gentleness and consistency. Let her walk by your side not suppressed under you

7. Protect her as she gives you her all. Don’t be her enemy or make her feel exposed to attacks and she will build with you and help you

8. Do not silence her voice. She should feel at home enough to contribute her thoughts and ideas. Submission is not slavery

9. Avoid advice from men who are intimidating or taking their wives for granted. She is your responsibility, don’t be misled


1. Submit to God as a wife. This will teach you humility

2. Be hundred percent commited, not displaying double mindedness. Participate in the marriage, don’t leave everything to him. Use your voice and your greatness as a helper

3. Do not demean him or belittle the man that he is based on his achievements or compare him with others

4. Communicate that you are proud of him and you believe in him. Don’t show him you might be more excited with or prefer another man

5. Inspire him and encourage him. Shouting at him or constantly complaining will not bring out the best in him but only discourages him

6. Be gentle with him. Speak with a tone of peace and love. Respect him in private and in public

7. Protect him and cover him. Don’t gossip about him with others. Don’t mock him or give ammunition to others to bring him down

8. Do not talk lowly of him or at him just because you have money, you are successful, you come from a privileged family or you think you are too beautiful to get any man. Do not bring about a gender war

9. Avoid women who give wrong advice of fighting your husband to teach him a hard lesson, having a don’t care attitude and who are not pro-marriage