1. Be united as a couple. Where there is unity, God commands blessings

2. Support each other’s dreams. Your spouse’s success is your success, your success is your spouse’s

3. Bless lives together. When you touch the lives of others, their gratitude towards you are actually prayers to God for you

4. Inform each other of opportunities. If you discover opportunities that might be good for your spouse or the both of you as a couple, share with your spouse

5. Pray together. Some doors need to be unlocked in the spiritual, before they open in the physical

6. Be good to each other, that way you attract goodness

7. Grow together, two are better than one for they have a better reward for their labor

8. Live confidently and boldly as a couple. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks, some doors can only be opened by faith. Don’t be afraid to step into the unknown, to push yourselves, to go further

9. Don’t be defined by your past. If your parents didn’t do or have much, if you don’t have a pleasant history; be determined to open a world to a better future

10. Be patient with each other and your goals. Some doors take time. You two will get there