GOD: Yes

COUPLE: We come to you for the healing of our marriage

GOD: I am Your Healer

COUPLE: But before the healing, we want to repent. Please forgive us

GOD: I am merciful

HUSBAND: Forgive me for abusing my position as head of the family by dominate my wife. I have failed to listen to her, to accommodate her views. I have failed in making her feel loved. As I have provided at home, I have bragged about it and made her feel as if she is useless without me. I have provided with grumbling and at the same time denied my family my attention and time. I have been a voice of discouragement to my wife, a cloud of fear and intimidation to my children. Forgive me for finding it hard to apologize when I am wrong, hard to be corrected and hard to be humble. Forgive me

GOD: I forgive you

WIFE: And my God, I need forgiving too. Forgive me for being hot tempered and in my anger, saying things that I regret. Forgive me for being impatient and complaining alot. Instead of being a helper to my husband, often times I have been his biggest critic. Forgive me for keeping a record of his wrongs and for being quick to remind him of that record. Forgive me for being selfish and often thinking about me me me and what my husband doesn’t do for me instead of being there for him too. Forgive me for my unloving tone, my cold look and my rude language towards my husband. Forgive me for being difficult to love

GOD: I forgive you

COUPLE: We ask for the many times we have been lazy in working on our marriage yet hard working in building our careers. Forgive us for the many times we said we’ll do better but do nothing at all. Forgive us for allowing other people to come in between us. Forgive us for the times our ego gets in the way. Forgive us for the lies we’ve told each other, the pain we have inflected on each other. Forgive us for the times we have blamed You for the mess we bring to ourselves. We take full responsibility for the woes in our marriage. We come to You with unity of mind to ask You to heal our marriage and save us from destroying this amazing union

GOD: I forgive you both. Healing and blessings are coming to your home. I am pleased with you two. Often times, people pray to Me to bless their marriage, yet they are not dealing with the sin in their marriage. They forget that sin is what is keeping their blessings away. Ignoring sin while making prayers does not move Me. Before one comes to offer to Me, they must make amends with the one that they have wronged. Husband, it broke My heart when you came to Me with your fervent prayers while you were cold and indifferent to your wife. Wife, it broke My heart when you came to Me with your prayers decorated with scripture while you were unforgiving and mean towards your husband contrary to scripture. But what you two have done today, this is how it should be, confessing your sins to one another. That way, you let go of sin and receive your salvation, healing and blessing. Your sins are forgiven, receive your blessings

Before you turn to God in prayer for your marriage, have you made peace with your spouse?