1. If you haven’t healed from the pain your ex caused you, you might punish and judge your spouse for the sins of your ex

2. If you still have emotional feelings for your ex, you will struggle to fully give yourself to your spouse

3. If you are co-parenting with your ex but you two engage in intimate conversations beyond parenting, you will bring a rift between you and your spouse

4. If you want your spouse to love you or treat you like your ex did, you will not be loved in the best way your spouse can

5. If you miss how your ex had sex with you, you will compare your spouse’s performance in bed with that of your ex

6. If you and your ex are still business partners and there is no transparency, you will make your spouse uncomfortable

7. If you still defend why you should still talk to your ex despite it making your spouse uncomfortable, you will make your spouse very insecure

8. If you talk a lot about your ex with your spouse and praising your ex, your spouse will feel like a fool

9. If you name your child after your ex to keep the memory, your spouse will feel disrespected and overthrown

10. If you keep calling your ex by special names and deleting chats between you and your ex, you will break trust in your marriage

Let your ex remain your ex. Hold your spouse’s hand, move forward. Don’t let your past ruin your future