I love this artwork.

It best expresses what intimacy is all about.

Intimacy in itself is an art.

Scripture talks beautifully about intimacy…. It says “And Adam knew his wife”… “And Abraham knew his wife”

Look at that, intimacy is about knowing your partner. No wonder Joe Thomas, that RnB singer sings “I want to know what turns you on”

Turning on is not just physical…

“My love, I want to know what turns you on emotionally? Take me to the depths of your heart where no one has been, that place where no one pays attention to because they are busy focusing on your looks. Tell me what arouses your feelings, come alive in my presence, become vulnerable with me. I want to water your emotions, I want to make you feel cared for and valued”

“My love, I want to know what turns you on mentally. I want to know what conversations I can have with you that stimulate your mind and arouse your curiosity. I want to tell you deep things that make you admire me”

“My love, I want to know what turns you on spiritually. Our two naked and horny bodies are just carriers of two human spirits dancing together, let our human spirits commune and fellowship this moment. I want to get to the core of you, I want to dig to the part of you that is the image of God, that part where you look at my spirit and know that you are not alone”

“My love, I want to know what turns you on visually. What moves, dressing, posture, rhythm that I do makes your blood run. I want to know your moaning face, I want to witness how you curl your body when I drive you crazy. I want to be there and see how you get to the climax. I want to know these private exhibitions where you let loose and orgasm”

“My love, I want to know what turns you on phyiscally? What parts of your skin when I touch excites you and gives you pleasure? What is the right amount of pressure should I use with my fingers, lips, tongue and aroused intimate organs to make you feel good? How do you love to be kissed? Are your ears, feet, neck, inner thighs sensitive? Do you love it rough, gentle, fast, slow, or a mixture of it all? What is your favourite position? How many times can you climax? What is the most sensitive part of your flesh? Can I explore your body and keep a journal of it in my mind? Can I tell you the many secrets about your body that you know not?”

Intimacy is being known, being in the arms of the one who loves and gets you; the one who not only seeks to know you but also uses the knowledge of you to please you