I miss you.

I miss the woman I married.

Where did she go to?

Please tell me where can I find her?

I miss you,

Though I sleep on the same bed with you.

It feels like we’re just bed mates.

Gone are the days we used to talk till late.

I look into your eyes and I get scared.

The spark is lost in your eyes.

You look at me with emptiness,

I can’t trace your friendliness.

Your words to me are rude,

Often in a foul mood.

Feels like I am walking on egg shells,

Careful with every word spelt.

I used to make your heart melt,

But now I can’t remember how your touch felt.

Your kisses are brief,

Even your body to me your rarely give.

I look back at where I went wrong

And honestly nothing records.

For some reason you changed,

My wife, you’re not the same.

Your goodnights are rushed,

Your goodmornings are harsh.

I feel like I am forcing myself on you,

It’s difficult and I don’t know what to do.

You spend hours on the phone,

Leaving me feeling alone.

Neglecting me, as you chat up those on Facebook,

Do you remember how my face looks?

You blame me for things not in my control,

The bitterness is taking it’s toll.

You no longer request me,

These days you order me.

Blame it all on me,

I will apologize for crimes not real.

Anything to have you back,

Have you sitting on my lap.

Outside there I am celebrated,

Inside our home I feel tolerated.

I am a wounded King,

I lost my crown, you no longer admire me.

You no longer show me respect,

You no longer lie affectionately on my chest.

Your tone is no longer gracious,

You’re stinging, reckless and you care less.

I feel you don’t need my company,

I come with a smile then sorrow you remind me.

I fruitlessly knock at the door of your heart,

Do I still live in your heart?

I know you know I have been faithful,

You have been loyal too.

Ours is not a case of infidelity,

Ours is a case of familiarity.

You’re too familiar with me,

You’re taking me for granted.

I am not threatening that I will leave,

I am just saying that it hurts me.

It hurts me not to be affirmed by you,

Not to be cared for by you.

Bring back my wife,

Hug me, open your arms wide.

Don’t let it be that I am married to Miss Independent,

Don’t show that you don’t need me.

Revive your need for me,

I desperately need thee.