I came home fast that night, a horny husband.

All I could think of was how I was going to devour my sexy wife, I was hungry for her.

Her body was on my mind, she turns me on like crazy.

I found her at home, she hugged me. It is said if you want to turn on a woman, chat her up before you get home; wet her mind and she will wet up in her privates. I had done just that.

She smelled divine, she must have taken a shower in anticipation. I wanted it fast, I had no time to shower.

I kissed her lips, she kissed back, just slightly.

I was a man on a mission, I will be patient.

Removing my shoes and pair of socks I complimented her looks, telling her how sexy those home pants look on her.

She smiled, saying thank you.

As I continued to praise her body and eyes, I noticed she wasn’t present.

It’s not that she was mean or rude to me, her attention was somewhere else.

I stopped paying attention to the hardened organ in my trousers and paid attention to her.

There was a glow about her. I listened closely, she was singing that worship song “I surrender, I wanna know You more”

I followed her to the bedroom as she took the dried clothes there. I heard the same song playing from the Bluetooth speaker.

It was clear, while I was on my way home, God had captured my wife’s spirit.

I looked at her, subtly worshipping as she did her chores. It’s like she didn’t bother to notice I was near her, it was just her and God.

I looked at her worshipping in spirit and in truth and was reminded why I fell in love with her in the first place. How beautiful it is to fall for a woman who humbles herself in the sight of the Lord, she gets lifted up.

God had completely ruined my plans for love making and I loved it! I too joined my wife in singing “I surrender, I wanna know You more”

I surrendered my libido to God, my wife and I turned our bedroom into an altar as worship filled our home. We were broken, we were washed by the presence of the Lord as we called His name. So refreshing!

When the Spirit moves, sex can wait. There is no intimacy greater than intimacy with God