Have you ever felt restless? Maybe you feel anxious right now but can’t put your finger on why. I think we’ve all experienced it, not realizing this feeling can come from the fact that we’re not content with our life. We think we’re missing something, so we begin to search for it. Maybe it’s from a lack of fulfillment at work or happiness in a relationship or satisfaction at home. Unfortunately, a lot of times we look in all the wrong places for something to fill our empty spaces. Some people look to food while others look to alcohol or drugs. Some try to find meaning and purpose through other people’s lives on social media.

“Nothing creates a future like a revelation of who you are and what Jesus did for us. Therefore, anybody who is truly sold out to God will have a future without sweat. “Those who hook up to the word will control the affairs and destiny of the world.You will supernaturally stand out in life. Daniel 11:32. You are the next in line for a dramatic change of level”

Beloved, You may be trying to fix a situation that’s not changing, but God may be using that situation to Fix YOU! Jonah was angry with God for having mercy on Nineveh, even though he received the same mercy when he was in the belly of the whale. It’s interesting how Jonah could see the wickedness of Nineveh, but he couldn’t see himself! He had a healthy perception of God, he knew that God was good, kind, merciful and full of compassion. He was counting on God’s mercy, as if he were saying “I know you see me, but you’re not going to do anything to me.” Are you investing a lot of time and energy to change something that’s not changing? Maybe God is using that very thing to change you, it’s called Resistance Training! God wasn’t using Jonah to fix Nineveh, He used Nineveh to fix Jonah!  (Jonah 4:1-11)