Today, we’re going to broach a totally touchy subject matter however an critical subject matter and a arguable subject matter, the subject of masturbation. Within the extra frame of Christ there’s a spectrum of opinion of the subject. The cause that there’s, is because, as we’ll quickly see, the Bible is virtually silent at the subject, at the least to a few degree.

If I Keep Committing the Same Sin, Will God Keep On Forgiving Me? Now, if you’ve visible that video, you understand that, of course, I make it very undeniable that God’s grace and mercy and forgiveness are unlimited. If we confess our sins he’s trustworthy and simply to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. You can’t out-sin the mercy of God. Of course, we must confess and ask for his forgiveness. But he by no means could say no. God offers grace to the standard and I’m so happy for that and I’m certain you’re too.

But lots of younger guys are suffering and seeking out solutions and so forth. So I’m going to spend some of our Little Lessons speakme approximately this situation of masturbation. The first actual aspect, maximum crucial query I suppose to invite is, what does the Bible say? The undeniable truth of the matter, it’s nearly shocking. It truly is sudden on one level. The Bible by no means mentions masturbation. You by no means discover the phrase masturbation. You by no means discover a synonym for the phrase masturbation. The Bible’s basically silent at the real bodily act of masturbation.

The motive I stated that’s sudden is due to the fact the Bible is so clean on such a lot of stages on the subject of revealing God’s mind and God’s will regarding human sexuality. I mean, let’s face it, God enumerates in Scripture, each Old and New Testaments, precise sexual sins. The one I suppose that everyone could consider first could be, of course, the sin of adultery. Well, that’s one of the 10 commandments. “Thou shalt now no longer dedicate adultery.” What is adultery? Adultery is intercourse with the aid of using one or folks that are married and are having intercourse with a person to whom they’re now no longer married. So they’re dishonest on a spouse. Everyone of their conscience, of course, is aware of that’s incorrect and each way of life is aware of that’s incorrect. But that’s withinside the Bible, Old and New Testaments.

God particularly says intercourse is some thing that’s to be loved among a husband and a wife, folks that are devoted to every different in an entire life marriage covenant. Why is that? Because God loves us, that’s why. Because he is aware of what’s first-class for us and he’s reserved some thing strictly to marriage. Because he loves us. He is aware of that’s true for us. Everything outdoor of that has probably terrible effects and constantly contains a few terrible effects which are absolutely inescapable. Adulterers go through, constantly, to a few degree. God doesn’t need us to go through that manner so he offers us this commandment. All right. That’s one of the matters that God had to mention approximately intercourse.

Similarly to adultery could be fornication. In the identical form of category, intercourse among single human beings. Again, God wishes human beings to experience intercourse in the covenant of marriage. It’s unique. It’s intimate. It’s inclined and it’s some thing this is so unique it’s reserved for one unique person. All right? Again, due to the fact God loves us. Well, what different sexual sins does God point out in Scripture? Oh, my goodness. He mentions incest. Old and New Testaments listing it as incorrect. In the Old Testament, he spells it out very precise what constitutes an incestuous courting.

Prostitution, of course, a shape of adultery or fornication. That’s condemned in Scripture. Homosexuality, intercourse among human beings of the identical intercourse is strongly condemned withinside the Old and New Testaments. I recognize human beings would like to alternate that nowadays however the Bible’s … The Bible’s the Bible. It’s been round for lots of years and so it’s too overdue to alternate that now. So God condemns that. Oh, right here’s one you’d by no means suppose could even must be referred to withinside the Scripture. Having a sexual courting, a man or women having a sexual courting with an animal. I mean, whilst did that input all of us’s mind? How may want to all of us be tempted in that regard? Who could ever do the sort of aspect?

But seemingly there are oldsters which are tempted and do such matters. God catches them. He spells it out in Scripture. Whoever does this, God condemns. There’s honestly a phrase for this. It’s bestiality, having intercourse with an animal. So what I’m announcing right here is that every one this stuff are condemned, clearly, in Scripture. But masturbation, by no means referred to. Lust is referred to. Yes, I recognize a few visitors are questioning that. We’ll get to that during our subsequent Little Lesson, due to the fact we’re out of time for this one.

But no person can deny that the Bible is silent at the sin, if it’s miles a sin, of masturbation. We’ll get into this greater deeply in our subsequent Little Lesson so I wish you be part of us. I recognize at the least some visitors are announcing, “Oh, no. I recognize of a case withinside the Old Testament wherein God killed any individual for masturbating.” Oh, I’m happy you concept of that due to the fact we’re going to cowl that the first actual aspect in our subsequent Little Lesson.

What does the Bible say approximately masturbation? This is absolutely a 2d appearance, element two, on the subject of masturbation. So in case you missed the preceding Little Lesson, you would possibly need to appearance up that one first due to the fact that is a continuation. We’re constructing on a few matters that we included in that first Little Lesson. The principal factor that I made final time is whilst we’re asking the question, “What does the Bible have to mention approximately masturbation?” the Bible has not anything to mention approximately masturbation. The phrase isn’t located in Scripture, there’s now no longer a synonym that’s located for it in Scripture, and I mentioned that that’s a bit bit unexpected in mild of all that Scripture does have to mention approximately human sexuality and what’s eye-catching and now no longer eye-catching to God. I mean, he tells humans don’t have intercourse with animals. You surprise why he ever needed to cowl that. Well, if he covers that, if masturbation changed into so grievous in God’s eyes, then you’d assume that he’d cowl that. So that’s only a little meals for thought.

Now, a few visitors are going to mention, “Oh, however wait a 2d. There’s this man that masturbated withinside the Old Testament, and God killed him.” So we’re going to study that tale, simply multiple verses. We won’t pass into each unmarried element approximately it, however it’s located in Genesis bankruptcy 38. This is some thing that occurred even earlier than the regulation of Moses changed into given. Let me simply study it to you, after which we’ll communicate approximately it as we pass here. Genesis 38:7, “But Er,” that’s the man’s name, E-R, “Judah’s firstborn.” We have heard of Judah. He’s withinside the lineage of Jesus, and his firstborn son changed into named Er. “Er, Judah’s firstborn, changed into evil withinside the sight of the Lord, so the Lord took his existence.” Well, I assume to myself, “Wow, he should had been quite evil for the Lord to take his existence.” There are a whole lot of humans I can consider and surprise why God doesn’t take their existence, however perhaps they’re now no longer pretty as evil as Er changed into.

So anyway, there’s Er. Now he’s dead. “Then Judah stated to Onan,” that is every other certainly considered one among his sons, now no longer his firstborn however his different son, “‘Go in in your brother’s wife,’” that might be the widow of Er, “‘and carry out your responsibility as a brother-in-regulation to her and lift up offspring on your brother.’” Judah says to a surviving son, “Have intercourse together along with your sister-in-regulation, who’s now a widow, so she will be able to have kids. They’ll be raised up, and they’ll be kids in order to belong in your brother.” Now, this changed into some thing that changed into absolutely stipulated withinside the regulation of Moses. I even have absolutely run into as a minimum one tribe in Africa, now no longer a Christian tribe, that absolutely practiced this. It’s form of just like the realistic solution. What do you do for younger widows? This is what they do.

The tale continues, “Onan,” that’s the only who’s been ordered with the aid of using his dad to head have intercourse together along with his sister-in-regulation. “Onan knew that the offspring,” or the kids, “might now no longer be his, so whilst he went into his brother’s wife,” so he had intercourse with her, “he wasted his seed at the floor in an effort to now no longer deliver offspring to his brother.” He understood sufficient approximately intercourse to apprehend the mechanics of it and a way to exercise start manage in some thing that’s known as coitus interruptus. I’m now no longer joking. That’s absolutely what it’s known as. He doesn’t inseminate his sister-in-regulation and spills his seed at the floor. Verse range 10, “But what he did changed into displeasing withinside the sight of the Lord, so the Lord took his existence additionally.” Bam. First, we’ve were given Er, Judah’s firstborn loss of life due to the fact the Lord changed into displeased with him. Then we’ve were given every other certainly considered one among Judah’s sons loss of life due to the fact the Lord takes his existence.

Specifically, we recognize what he did that changed into so displeasing to the Lord. This is wherein a few oldsters claim, “There it is. You see, that’s masturbation. He spilled his seed at the floor. He didn’t inseminate his sister-in-regulation.” Well, can I simply ask you for a second to do not forget the truth that that isn’t masturbation. That is some thing perhaps in a few small manner much like masturbation, however masturbation is solo intercourse. This changed into intercourse with a woman. He simply pulled out upfront and didn’t inseminate her. What changed into so displeasing approximately God changed into now no longer the spilling of his seed. It changed into the truth that he changed into unwilling to honor his deceased brother and lift up kids for his brother. Again, I even have a tough time wrapping my thoughts round the whole thing on this tale, personally, myself. Maybe you’ve were given it discovered and you may write to me and assist me apprehend all this, however it’s a stretch to mention that we recognize that masturbation is inaccurate due to the sin of Onan.

I consider one time years in the past once I changed into a younger Christian, I changed into in a Christian book place and I noticed a tract, a bit pamphlet that they have been promoting there. The name of it changed into some thing like The Sin of Onanism: A Very Common Sin withinside the Body of Christ. I checked out that and stated, “The sin of Onanism?” I picked up the music and study it. It referenced this tale. Suddenly, I found out that Onanism is a synonym for masturbation. Therefore, it’s incorrect. This is the evidence that the bodily act of masturbation is inaccurate. I can’t consider what my response changed into at that time, however nevertheless, I don’t purchase into it now due to the fact I recognize that’s now no longer what we’re analyzing approximately here. Show me a tale withinside the Bible wherein it says so-and-so masturbated and God killed them as it displeased him. You’re now no longer going to discover that everywhere withinside the Bible. It’s simply now no longer cited.

I wager I’m pronouncing all that to mention this. Maybe, simply perhaps, it’s now no longer pretty as incorrect as a few humans have portrayed it to be seeing as how God in no way cited it withinside the Bible. Now, again, I recognize someone’s pronouncing, “What approximately lust?” Okay. I’m going to get there withinside the subsequent Little Lesson, however each person who says that the Bible teaches that masturbation is inaccurate, you want to invite them, “Just deliver me the bankruptcy and verse on that due to the fact my Bible, I haven’t located that yet.” I simplest have only some seconds left, and we’ll preserve more. Can we additionally renowned that God is the inventor, the Creator, the only who dreamed up the concept of intercourse? It’s perfect to humans due to the fact God made it perfect to humans. I’m now no longer giving excuses for sin here. No, no, no. I’m simply seeking to have a take a observe a larger photo than from time to time what I pay attention portrayed with the aid of using folks that are actually correct at making different humans experience guilty. We’re going to speak approximately the ones humans too, I assume, earlier than we’re all carried out here.

Sexual choice and masturbation. What does the Bible have to mention? Today we’re going to hold the very touchy difficulty of sexual choice and masturbation. This is a continuation of preceding Little Lessons and in case you didn’t see the onesyou may wanna forestall this one and pass back and study the ones due to the fact we’re constructing on a few principles. I completed out our preceding Little Lesson reminding absolutely each person that intercourse turned into God’s concept and so it isn’t always in any manner inherently evil. Sex is inherently proper and it’s one manner that God indicates us his love. I mean, it turned into his concept to package deal all the ones very touchy nerves withinside the human body, each male and female, and God turned into considering pleasure, enjoyment, amusing and I wish maximum visitors could accept as true with me on that. I understand there could be a few theologians who will say, “Well now, intercourse is best for procreation and in case you’re now no longer going to have youngsters you shouldn’t be having intercourse due to the fact that’s why God designed it as it effects in youngsters.”

Okay, great, great. What do you assert to that? Well you assert that’s stupid, right? Because after humans get vintage sufficient wherein they are able to’t have youngsters any longer, they get to menopause, they are able to nonetheless have intercourse and it may nonetheless be pleasing and fun and amusing, right? So absolutely each person who says that God created intercourse only for procreation, simply so that you have kids, that’s incorrect. I simply proved it’s incorrect and also you simply must consider it for 2 seconds. You have a incorrect concept of God if the ones are the type of factors you assume. I mean, come on. God loves us and intercourse is simply one in all many approaches that God has expressed his love for us. He desires us considering him and the way proper he is, alright? So we’ll be attracted to him after which serve him and love him due to the fact appearance how proper he’s been to me. Through most of these distinctive approachesone in all that is intercourse. Now of direction we understand that God set the boundaries: intercourse is for humans which can be married, in a covenant marriage ’til demise do they component as it’s so special.

It’s reserved only for that and God additionally is aware of that it’s best proper in that context for more than one reasons. You can possibly discern them out. I’m positive which you possibly have already figured that out. Alright so I simply assume it’s proper for us to renowned that intercourse is ideal and that the sexual choice that you are feeling is from God and so it may’t be bad, okay? Now he does say, “I’m placing parameters” however the query is, has he set the parameters and stated, “No masturbation?” Well he stated no adultery, he stated no fornication, he stated no incest and no prostitution, no lust, no bestiality (having intercourse with animals). We pointed out that. But he by no means stated no masturbation, alright? Nobody can deny this. Nobody who’s sincere can deny this.

So let’s simply study sexual choice on this Little Lesson and let’s visit a well-known a part of scripture that I assume is simply superbly frank and sincere in this difficulty. Paul writing to the Corinthians answering questions that that they’d approximately intercourse, okay? He brazenly talks approximately it. I love Paul’s honesty on this regard. 1 Corinthians, Chapter 7, Verse 1. He begins offevolved off with the aid of using pronouncing, “Now regarding the matters approximately that you wrote, it is ideal for a person now no longer to the touch a girl.” So I assume there’s an emphasis at the phrase there, “it is.” Like he’s answering what matters they wrote approximately. So, “Paul, we’re writing to you a query. Is it proper for a person now no longer to the touch a girl? Just don’t be touching women?” Paul stated, “That’s proper. That’s right. That’s proper, it’s proper for a person now no longer to the touch them due to the fact you don’t need to do whatever that could cause immorality, okay? And immorality constantly begins offevolved withinside the thoughts after which it ends in a development of sexual interest and it may in the end land up in adultery or fornication.”

Just like Jesus taught. You study a girl to lust for her, you’ve already dedicated adultery for your coronary heart so Jesus’ seeking to get the ones impure, immoral mind out of our minds in order that it won’t cause the following step. That’s what he’s seeking to save you and that’s form of what Paul’s pronouncing right here. Look at the following verse, he says “But due to immoralities,” this is due to the form of sexual sins that humans commit, “Each guy is to have his very own spouse and every girl is to have her very own husband.” Paul’s now no longer pronouncing to squelch the choice or workout strength of will or get your act collectively or take a chilly shower, you understand, all these items that we’ve got heard over time of what we must do. Paul says, “Get married.” The option to immorality is marriage due to the fact God got here up with the concept of intercourse however he stated, “It’s for married humans” and if so that you have a sexual choice then you’ve were given to get married. You’ve were given to get married.

The hassle is that during our day humans aren’t getting married till years once they attain puberty and so they’re going for years with the identical sexual dreams that married parents have however no marriage, no manner to explicit or some thing you need to name it, launch the ones dreams, act on the ones dreams. Back I assume in extra historical instancesextra primitive societies all and sundry may have figured this out approximately humans who’ve sexual choice, it’s approximately time for them to get married. Not going on in current instances and current nations. In fact, the age of puberty has been happening to whereinin particular with ladies I accept as true with to wherein at one time they didn’t attain puberty till their overdue young adults now it’s early young adults and so forth. I don’t assume absolutely each person has that discovered yet. Some humans speculate that it’s the hormones which can be in our meals components and so forth. But again, I don’t understand.

This simply exacerbates the problem. We’ve were given most of these humans with sexual choice, God given, proper sexual choice and it’s comparable to having another choice that’s okay, that’s proper, that God gave us. Like the choice to consume and flavor foods. Can you consider telling humans, “Well you can’t consume among the a long time of thirteen and 26. You understand? Or the choice to alleviate oneself and visit the bathroom? This is all a physical characteristic and that they say, “I must pass relieve myself,” as it doesn’t sense proper however it’ll sense proper when I relieve myself. Okay? In a experience that is in that identical category, okay? So all I’ve been seeking to do in those first 3 Little Lessons is to simply perhaps take really of a weight off of most of these single people who are suffering and feeling horrible and yielding to masturbation and simply heaping condemnation on themselves.

I haven’t stated the whole lot that I need to mention yet, however it’d assist initially simply to recognise which you’re okay. You’re okay, you’re regular and God is the only who gave you that choice and so now what’s the answer? Paul simply stated the answer is marriage. That’s what Paul stated. He didn’t say take a chilly shower. He stated, “Get married.”

Okay nicely we’ve best gotten via verses of one Corinthians 7 so I wager we’ll select out up right here in our subsequent Little Lesson.

What is the solution to strong sexual desire? We’ve been talking about sex, sexual desire and masturbation, illicit sex and so forth, looking what the Bible has to say. This is the fourth Little Lesson in this series, so if you haven’t seen the first three you might want to go back and check out those other ones before you watch this one.

But on our last lesson we started reading through 1 Corinthians, the first few verses of chapter 7, where Paul addresses the subject of sex. A common theme throughout this entire section is Paul’s undeniable acknowledgment that sex is good and that sex is God given and that because of sexual desire and because of the pitfalls of people that don’t properly vent their sexual desire and the sins that are waiting out there, Christians ought to get married. We read that last time. He said, in verse number two of 1 Corinthians 7, “But because of immoralities, each man is to have his own wife and each woman is to have her own husband.”

This is Paul’s remedy for the problem of immorality. Again, he never mentions masturbation in any list as being an immorality. But because of immoralities, and Paul does list them in 1 Corinthians. In fact, it all starts off by addressing a man who’s living in an incestuous relationship with his stepmother. Then Paul lists, “Don’t you know, adulterers and fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God.” See, so he’s already gotten into some specifics.

But now he’s saying because of the immoralities, because of the fact that there’s potential for immorality out there with people who are unmarried, because they don’t have a way to express, vent, act on their sexual desire, the solution is marriage. Okay, now you say, “Well I’m not married, where does that leave me?” That leaves you in need of marriage, if you have that sexual desire.

We’ve read these verses over the years within Christian circles. I think they don’t have the same impact upon us as they would if we were reading them for the very first time with a really open mind, so I’m asking you to open your mind and try to pretend like you’re reading this for the very first time. Listen to these words, what Paul writes, because even within marriage he sees that there are potential dangers there because of God given sexual desire. Just because you’re married to somebody doesn’t mean that there isn’t temptation to express your sexual desire and act on it outside of marriage. That’s what the sin of adultery is.

Paul says, verse number three, “The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.” You need to be making sure that your marriage is not a sexless marriage. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself and setting your spouse up for temptation that could lead to immorality. This is a commandment. “The husband must fulfill his duty to his wife, and likewise also the wife to her husband.” What a great duty.

It gets even stronger if you can kind of open your mind as if you’ve never heard this before. “The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does, and likewise also the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.” Oh my goodness, whoever would have thought of such an idea as that? Can you believe that’s in the Bible? Husbands, your wife’s body, she doesn’t have authority over that, you do. Vice versa, wives, your husband doesn’t have the authority over his own body, you do. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe you’re saying this, I never would have thought anyone would ever say this. It’s said right in our Bibles. It’s over the top. Oh my goodness. You hardly even know how to paraphrase this, it’s just so over the top. Can you imagine anyone saying this?

Verse five, “Stop depriving one another.” He’s addressing those sexless marriages where one or the other is not cooperating. One or the other saying, “This is my body, I think I’ll decide to stop having sex.” Well it’s not your body, it’s your spouse’s body, you can’t decide that. If they want it, they got it. It’s theirs. Can you believe anyone saying this? I mean, it’s almost shocking.

“Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, so that you may devote yourselves to prayer.” Only if you can both agree and say, “Let’s forgo our sexual relationship for a limited, limited time, so we can spend more time in prayer.” Oh my goodness. “And then come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self control.”

Now, there are some folks who said, “Well, there you go now David, you’ve been saying that masturbation is never listed in scripture as a sin, but right there, what is the temptation that Satan is tempting these people who are in a sexless marriage? Well, it can only be masturbation.” Au contraire monsieur, there’s plenty else to do besides masturbate in a sexless marriage, and I think everyone would agree that masturbation, solo sex is nowhere close to mutual, consensual sex. It’s just nowhere close. It’s a cheap substitute, but nowhere close. For anyone to say, “Well that verse right there proves that masturbation is wrong”, well actually it doesn’t. If that’s what Paul was talking about, why didn’t he just say it? Why didn’t he say it anywhere in the New Testament, in all of the epistles he wrote? If there’s a place to write about masturbation, Paul has it here, and he has it in previous chapters too when he addresses sexual sins.

I want to talk to the single people, all those people, those 41,000 young men who have viewed our most popular little lesson video, Will God Forgive Me if I Keep Repeating the Same Sin, and I think I know what they’re struggling with. Can you see how this chapter, these words so affirm the reality of sexual desire and that the remedy, the release, the solution to sexual frustration is marriage? Of course, you just can’t marry anybody over night, it could take some time, but that’s the solution.

Paul didn’t say, “Well just suck it up buddy,” or, “Take a cold shower.” I remember trying that. I’d love to ask those guys that say to take a cold shower, “How’s that working for you?” Oh my goodness. God bless these preachers.

I hope that I’m at least making some struggling, single people feel a little bit better about themselves. We still have questions and answers to give.