Love is when the man is about to leave and the woman takes his car keys or ATM and places it inside her bra, with a smile she says “Come and get it”

It’s when she entices him and she runs, he chases after her in the house and they fall on the sofa laughing, kissing.

It’s when she turns him on and makes him chase after her to prolong the excitement. Finally, she gives in and lets him have her.

It’s when she bullies him and attracts his “punishment” because she has been a bad girl.

It’s when they play strip poker so that he earns the pleasure seeing her clothes come off bit by bit as he wins each game.

It’s when they pillow fight before falling body to body in bed.

No matter how old a couple is or how long they have been together, they can play.

They can joke and tease each other.

How exciting it is to be with a playful and naughty woman. A woman who knows when to be serious and when to let loose and have fun.

Men love to play: that’s why some value Playstations, pool, football matches, chess and rallying. Play with him lady, tease him, excite him, lead him on, make getting your kisses and touch a tease sometimes, create fantasies, lead him on, make him sweat then give him the reward after a chase. Seduce your man, corner him and unleash your kinky self, lure him with inviting eyes and a playful giggle.

Be fun; a woman kind of fun, not a girl’s. And he will find it hard to leave your presence and he will love coming back home to you- his unpredictable woman so full of life and thrill.

Sometimes all a man is looking for is adventure