Know your woman well

Know how to get her in the mood

When you make love to her

Do it as an art

For her, it starts in the heart

Make sure her heart is at peace

If she is hurting because of you

She will not enjoy what you are about to do

Invade her mind like a tactful warrior

This is your woman

Why don’t you praise her fine body?

Tell her how desirable she is

Once again, spoil her with arousing words

Tell her about the parts of her body

That are making you hard at the center

Her hand feeling how hard she has made you become

Before you add to her wetness

Remind her that you love her

She needs to feel that to you

She is more than a body you just want to do

Let her play around with you

Allow her fingers to do the walking

Let your hands travel all over her

The hills and valleys of her curvy body

Find out how she likes it so that you serve her order

Read her face, her sounds and expressions

Use your hands, mouth, tongue and the cave man

You have many tools at your disposal

There are days she’ll want it wild and fast

Days she’ll want it slow and made to last

Here, you have to be a mind reader

Either way, comfort is the key word

She might have positions to experiment on

That she’s been fantasizing in privacy

Up, down, side, apart, open, kneeling

You’ll be amazed at how flexible your bodies are

Heat her up. Find her spots

Find and camp your rubbing and kissing there

Find the corners inside her sucking black hole

And let the cave man knock over there

Enjoy the sound and rhythm

As her juice resonates with yours

In an increasing sticky situation

Your stick beating on her drum

Hear her call out and scream your name

As one who loves you, giving you her all

Her pitch rising, muscles gripping

Her crescendo climaxing, to you she’s clinging

There, look into her eyes

Hold her close; tell her that you love her

When you make love to your woman

Make love to her heart