1. What a joy it is to be married to a spouse who mentally stimulates you and challenges you

2. Don’t stand in the way of each other’s educational growth

3. One can be educated but lack the emotional intelligence needed in human relationships. As you go to school, also learn how to be emotionally mature

4. Being educated doesn’t necessarily mean being wise. Wisdom is acquired through your personal intent to grow in every day life experiences. This is why an educated spouse doesn’t necessarily mean a wise spouse

5. If you cannot afford going to University, there are many ways these days of acquiring knowledge; especially online

6. Don’t put your personal growth on hold in the name of marriage. Marriage doesn’t mean the death of your ambitions

7. Husbands, don’t feel intimidated when your wife pursues mental growth and studies. Be secure enough to cheer her on

8. Don’t look down on your spouse just because you are more educated than he/she

9. Train your children not only to acquire good grades but also values, life skills, communication skills, self confidence. Raise them to be whole

10. When you give each other stress, it will affect your personal growth. A conducive environment of peace is needed to progress

11. When you are not mentally grown, your marital fights can end up being about petty things. Two mentally grown people are more refined in their conversations and disputes

12. When your spouse wins, it is a win for the family. Cheer each other on