1. Always remember your spouse is more of a priority than your friends

2. Never make your spouse feel he/she is competing with your friends

3. Never allow your friends to come and dominate your home when they visit or even frequently visit unannounced making your spouse feel uncomfortable

4. Never share too much personal details of what is between you and your spouse, making your spouse feel exposed

5. Never be quick to listen to your friend’s advice, they can be biased favoring you against your spouse. Advise is good but choose which one to listen to

6. Never make plans with your friends without informing your spouse of who, when and where. If you wanted not to be accountable, you should have stayed single

7. Never say words such as “If I have to choose between you and my friends, I will choose my friends”. Stop taking for granted the one who will age with you, friends can easily be seasonal

8. Never entertain friends who encourage you to mistreat your spouse

9. Remember that your spouse is more real and honest with you than your friends. Your friends might tell you what you want to hear or keep off from correcting you as they mind their business; but your spouse will be brutally honest with you because you are his/her business, your lives are linked

10. Never miss precious moments with your spouse and children because you are out there having fun with friends

11. If you will have unmarried friends, make sure they respect that you have a family and different responsibilities

12. Just because your friends are ruining their marriages doesn’t mean you do too

13. Don’t spend most of your youthful married years with friends, then give your tired old retired years to your spouse. Very unfair

14. Never entertain friends who despise your spouse, where is your loyalty?

15. Business partners who don’t value your marriage don’t have to be your close friends, you can have a professional arrangement with boundaries without giving them room to taint your marriage

16. Never find yourself ignoring your spouse because you are busy chatting with friends, especially into the night

17. Remember your spouse doesn’t mind you having friends, but the caliber of friends is what matters. Are they friends to your marriage?

18. Never show your spouse that the opinion of your friends matters more than the opinion of your spouse

19. Never get too close to a friend of the opposite gender, that is how affairs start

20. Never allow yourself to have fun with your friends in bad habits and lifestyle to the point you waste your family money

21. Never allow your friends to disrespectfully come and hijack you from home when in the middle of something special with your spouse

22. Never be so keen to please your friends and win their validation to the point that you offend your spouse