1. Your wife makes love to you so much till your penis gets tired as opposed to denying you sex, wasting your erection

2. Your spouse considers your suggestions of trying new sex positions as opposed to calling you a prostitute, evil or too much for being sexually creative

3. Your husband satisfies you in bed, instead of leaving you hanging when you are so turned on

4. Your wife shows interest in making love, so that you feel you are not the only one wanting it

5. Your spouse doesn’t make sex all about him/her, your needs are met too

6. You’re free to moan and talk dirty without being judged

7. In case you squirt as a wife, you are not looked at with shame

8. In case you climax too fast as a man, your wife still respects you and praises you

9. In case your spouse is not in the mood, he/she communicates that respectfully without making you feel rejected and unwanted

10. Your spouse will not force you to have sex but woo you to make love

11. Your spouse doesn’t compare your sexual performance with that of an ex

12. In case you lose your erection you are not seen as a failure. You are handled well and the erection comes back harder

13. It is not the only thing you two are good at; you two are also good at communication, loving when with clothes OK

14. It is not the only thing you two do together; you two also do parenting, praying, problem solving and life together