I need to speak to you nowadays approximately thanking God earlier. We all have goals and dreams that God has located in our coronary heart, matters we are believing for, conditions we are praying to show round. These guarantees start out like seeds. They do not come to byskip overnight. There’s usually a duration of ready involved.From the time we pray until the time we see it come to achievement it’s known as the trial of our religion. This is whilst many human beings get discouraged and provide up. They begin believing the terrible mind. “It’s by no means going to appear. It’s taking too lengthy”. Now that seed is mendacity dormant. It’s nevertheless alive. It nevertheless has ability however you need to do your component and begin watering the seed.The manner you water it’s far through thanking God earlier. You cannot wait till you acquire the promise. You ought to thank God that the solution is at the manner. Maybe you are suffering for your fitness. The scientific file would not appearance appropriate. Don’t speak approximately the way you sense. Say, “Father, thanks that I’m healthy. Thank you that I’m robust. Thank you with lengthy lifestyles you’re pleasurable me”. That’s now no longer simply being positive. That’s watering the seed.In your price range, perhaps you are suffering. Business is slow. All thru the day, “Father, thanks that something I contact flourishes and succeeds. Thank you that I’m popping out of debt. Thank you that your prefer surrounds me like a shield”. When you thank God earlier for the solution, it now no longer simplest waters the seed however that strengthens your very own religion.This is what Abraham did. God located the seed in his coronary heart that he might have a infant. Twenty-4 years went through. There changed into no signal of a toddler. It seemed impossible. Abraham and Sarah have been almost a hundred years antique. Every voice stated it wasn’t going to appear. They ought to have effortlessly talked themselves out of it. But the scripture says, “Abraham grew robust in religion through giving reward to God”.Notice whilst you provide God reward it offers you power. When you thank God earlier for the solution, that is what continues you encouraged. You’re now no longer going to live robust in religion through complaining. You’re now no longer going to live decided it you are speakme approximately how awful it’s far. “Well, God. You promised me this infant however looks as if I’m too antique”. “God, you stated you desired me to be blessed however my enterprise is so slow”. “God, you stated you will deliver me out of this hassle however those human beings are a lot greater effective than me”.No, transfer over into reward. “Business can be slow, however Lord, I need to thanks which you prosper me even in a desert”. “These human beings can be effective, however Lord, I need to thanks which you are all-effective”.Praise makes you robust. Praise continues you transferring forward. So regularly we think, “I’ll provide God reward after the trouble turns round”. “I’ll thank God after enterprise selections up, when I see the solution”. No, in case you do not study this precept to thank God earlier you may not have the power you want to look forward to the promise. What continues us robust is getting up withinside the morning pronouncing, “Father, thanks that my goals are coming to byskip. Thank you that this trouble is popping round. Thank you which you are larger than this impediment”.I’m positive Abraham were given up many mornings and changed into tempted to be discouraged. The terrible mind got here pronouncing, “Come on, Abraham. You’re an antique guy. It’s now no longer going to appear. You’ve been ready 5 years, ten years, 20 years. You ought to have heard God wrong”. If Abraham might have dwelled on the ones mind and went round worried, thinking, “Maybe I am too antique. Maybe I did listen God wrong. Maybe I’m losing my time,” he might have given up.The manner he stayed in religion, day after day, month after month, for twenty-four years, is he might arise every morning and say, “Father, thanks for the son you promised. Thank you that Isaac is on his manner. Thank you that Sarah will conceive. Thank you which you are actual on your phrase”.When you provide God reward, God offers you power to hold believing that what he promised will come to byskip. All thru the day, similar to with Abraham, terrible mind will come to attempt to get us to abort our goals.Here’s a key. Every time you are tempted to fear permit that be a reminder to thank God the solution is at the manner. When the concept comes pronouncing, “You’re by no means going to get properly” in preference to annoying, flip it round. “Father, thanks which you are restoring fitness returned unto me”. When you do which you’re getting stronger. Your religion is being constructed up.The concept says, “You’ve made too many mistakes. God will by no means assist you. There’s not anything appropriate for your future”. Turn it round. “Father, thanks that your mercy is larger than any mistake I’ve made. Thank you that the course of the righteous receives brighter. Thank you that my satisfactory days are nevertheless out in the front of me”. This is how Abraham stayed in religion. He thanked God for the promise lengthy earlier than he noticed the promise. When you provide God reward, God offers you power to hold believing.When we have been looking to accumulate this facility, my thoughts changed into bombarded with terrible mind pronouncing, “Joel, it is impossible. This town isn’t always going to permit a church have it. You’re simply losing your time”. For 3 and a 1/2 of years, each morning the identical discouraging mind might come. When I might provide in and begin considering them I ought to sense myself getting weak, discouraged, dropping my joy.I did what I’m asking you to do. I might trap myself. Instead of annoying I might flip it round. All thru the day, “Father, thanks which you have given us that constructing. Thank you that it already has our call on it. Thank you which you are larger than any impediment. Thank you, Lord, which you are preventing our battles for us”. That’s what saved me robust the ones 3 and 1/2 of years after I failed to see whatever happening.God desires to deliver the promise to byskip, however he’s searching out human beings on the way to thank him earlier than the partitions fall down, earlier than Isaac suggests up, thank him earlier than the constructing is theirs, earlier than the recuperation comes, earlier than the criminal scenario turns round. The mistake we make so regularly is whilst those mind of fear come and it would not appear like it is ever going to alternate we begin begging God. “God, please assist me. God, I’m begging you to offer us that constructing. God, please provide me that infant”.No, begging would not get God’s attention. Once you pray and ask God to deliver the promise to byskip, you ask God to heal you, you ask him to repair a relationship, from then on you do not want to invite God one greater time. He heard you the first actual time. Now each time you reflect onconsideration on it you ought to thank God that the solution is at the manner.I recognize human beings, and they are appropriate human beings, however they ask God for the identical aspect, the identical manner, yr after yr. “God, please get my youngsters returned on track. God, please motive them to straighten up”. They’re honest however the proper approach, in preference to requesting the identical aspect, the identical manner, yr after yr, is transfer over into reward. “Lord, I trust you heard me the primary time and I need to thanks that my toddler is straightening up. Thank you that they may satisfy their destiny. Thank you that they are making appropriate choices”.That’s what Abraham did. He failed to develop robust in religion through praying each day, “God, please deliver this promise to byskip. God, I’m begging you to offer me this infant”. He prayed as soon as and he spent the relaxation of the time thanking God.In the scripture, there has been a girl that got here to Jesus and began out begging him to heal her daughter. She stated, “Please, Jesus. My daughter is so awful. Would you please? I’m begging you to heal her”. Jesus changed into generally so compassionate. Throughout the scripture, he went round recuperation everyone. A blind guy stated, “Jesus, have mercy” and Jesus went over and healed him. A soldier got here up and stated, “My daughter is sick. Will you return back to my house”? Jesus went out of his manner over and over to heal such a lot of exclusive human beings.But what is exciting is that this girl that saved begging and begging, Jesus disregarded her, failed to provide her the time of day. After a while, she found out begging wasn’t going to do her any appropriate. The scripture says, “She fell at Jesus’ toes and began out worshipping him, began out thanking him, began out giving him reward”. All of a sudden, Jesus stopped what he changed into doing, checked out the female and stated, “Your daughter is flawlessly properly. You can pass home. Everything is okay”.What begging may not do praising will do. I’m asking you, do not be a beggar. Be a believer. Once you pray transfer over into reward. None of this yr after yr, “God, please heal me. God, please provide me that promoting. God, I’m simply begging you”. No, zip that up. All thru the day, “Father, thanks that I’m healthy. Thank you that my enterprise is blessed. Thank you that promoting is coming”.When our son Jonathan were given his driver’s license more than one years ago, we offered him a used automobile. Our daughter Alexandra is 13 years antique. A few months after he were given that automobile, Alexandra got here up and stated, “Daddy, after I get my driver’s license are you going to shop for me a automobile”? She desired to get this on report early on. I stated, “Yes, Alexandra. I’m going to shop for you a automobile”. She stated, “You promise”? I stated, “I promise”.Do you recognize due to the fact that I even have given her my phrase she has now no longer requested me one time to shop for her that automobile? She is completely satisfied that I will do what I stated. So a whole lot so, that she talks approximately that automobile as though it is already hers. She has absolute confidence that automobile is coming. But how might I sense as a father if she got here up each day and stated, “Daddy, please get me that automobile. Daddy, I’m begging you. When I get my driver’s license please get me a automobile”. It might make me sense awful. I might say, “Alexandra, do not you trust what I stated? You do not ought to hold asking me. You clearly do not ought to beg me. Just trust that I’ll do what I stated”.This is how God ought to sense whilst we ask him over and over for the identical aspect. When we beg him, God says, “Don’t you agree with me? Don’t you’ve got got the self belief that I will do what I promised”? When Alexandra is going round speakme approximately that automobile, dreaming approximately what shadeation it’ll be, enthusiastic about what is in her future; that brings a grin to my face. From time to time she’ll arise and placed her arm round me, lengthy blond hair, blue eyes as lovely as may be and she’ll thank me for that automobile this is to come. She’ll inform me how a whole lot she loves me and the way proud she is to be my daughter.When she does that I think, “Do you need one automobile or do you need “? Thanking does an entire lot greater than begging. When you are continuously giving God thanks, telling him how a whole lot you like him, how amazing he’s, how proud you’re to be his toddler, that reasons God to need to exit of his manner to be appropriate to you. But if we pass round thinking, “Oh, guy. Life’s difficult. God, cannot you notice I’m suffering? God, I’m asking you, I’m begging you, God. Just assist me get thru this”. That would not get God’s attention. Praise receives his attention. Thanking him earlier for the solution. Acting like it is at the manner. That’s what brings guarantees to byskip.One time Daniel prayed and requested God to assist him. Day after day went through. Nothing were given higher. It gave the impression of that God failed to even listen his prayer. But at the twenty first day an angel confirmed up and stated, ‘Daniel, the primary day you prayed God heard you and dispatched me with the solution however it took me 21 days to combat thru the forces of darkness”.What I need you to peer is the primary day you prayed God heard you. The first time you requested God set the miracle into motion. The first actual day the solution changed into at the manner. That’s why you do not ought to hold praying approximately the identical aspect, begging God, asking over and over. The solution is already at the manner. The promise is already in motion. The step forward is already en route. The proper man or woman is already for your future. The victory is already up in advance of you.You’ve prayed approximately it. Now transfer over into reward. Start thanking God that it is coming. Start thanking him earlier for the recuperation, the recuperation, the promoting, the vindication, the dream. It’s headed your manner.Even Jesus, whilst he changed into at the earth, he thanked his Heavenly Father for the solution earlier than it got here. His buddy Lazarus were useless for 4 days. Jesus stood at that tomb, seemed as much as the heavens and stated, “Father, I need to thank You which you have heard me”. Past tense. Lazarus changed into nevertheless useless but Jesus changed into thanking his Heavenly Father that he changed into alive.If Jesus concept it changed into essential sufficient the thank God earlier than the solution got here then we ought to clearly get in a dependancy of now no longer simplest asking, now no longer simplest making our requests known, however permit’s take it one step similarly and begin thanking God for the solution even if we do not see any signal of it happening. I mean, Lazarus changed into nevertheless wrapped up in grave clothes, been useless for 4 days. I’m positive the human beings round Jesus ought to have concept Jesus had misplaced his thoughts. Here he’s thanking God for lifestyles whilst the person changed into nevertheless genuinely useless.This is what religion is all approximately. You cannot simply have a take a observe it together along with your herbal eyes. Some of you nowadays have conditions that appearance useless: your fitness, price range, a relationship, a dream. Your thoughts tells you it is impossible. No use even believing. But might you dare be as ambitious as Jesus and say, “Father, I need to thanks earlier which you have a resurrection coming. God, I recognize you may deliver matters returned to lifestyles. You have the very last say. I won’t see a manner however I need to thanks earlier that each promise you’ve got got spoken over me will come to byskip”.This is what Elijah did. There were a drought withinside the land for 3 and a 1/2 of years. The human beings have been suffering, slightly making it. But Elijah failed to whinge. He failed to begin begging. He understood this precept. He went at the pinnacle of mount Carmel and began out thanking God for the rain that changed into coming. He thanked God that the solution changed into at the manner. He thanked God that the clouds have been already beginning to form.Six instances his assistant went out to test for rain. Came returned on every occasion and stated, “No rain. Not a cloud withinside the sky”. Elijah failed to get discouraged. He failed to begin begging, “Come on, God. I’ve been asking you over and over”. No, he simply saved pronouncing, “Lord, thanks for the rain it’s coming. I won’t see a manner withinside the herbal however I need to thanks which you are a supernatural God”.You recognize the story. On the 7th time, that assistant got here returned and stated, “I noticed a cloud up withinside the sky this time”. Elijah stated, “You higher get ready. I can listen the sound of the abundance of rain”. As he saved thanking God… earlier than lengthy, the heavens opened up. The promise got here to byskip.You can be in a drought nowadays. Don’t whinge approximately it. Don’t hold begging God to alternate it. Don’t ask over and over for the identical aspect. Do like Elijah; transfer over into reward. Every time you are tempted to fear, tempted to get discouraged, tempted to whinge, you have got to dig your heels in and say, “Father, thanks for the rain it’s coming. Thank you for the recuperation it’s coming. Thank you for the prefer it’s coming. Thank you for the recuperation it’s coming. Lord, I need to thanks now no longer for only a little bit, now no longer for slightly get through, however like Elijah, thanks for the abundance which you have in store”.Now, you could now no longer see whatever appear for a week, a month, a yr. Or like Abraham, for many, many years. The query is, “What are you made of”? Anybody can quit. Anybody can get discouraged and provide up. But here is the key; as you hold thanking God your religion is getting stronger. If you will hold thanking him earlier, then like Elijah, you may not get discouraged despite the fact that you do not see whatever happening. Sometimes it’s far difficult. You won’t sense like doing it. Jeremiah stated, “If you may provide up the sacrifice of reward,’ that manner, if you may do the proper aspect whilst it is difficult then God will motive the captivity of the land to be reversed and the fortunes to be restored.This is pronouncing if you will thank God earlier, even whilst you do not see whatever appropriate happening, if you will provide up that sacrifice of reward then matters are going to take place. God goes to opposite terrible conditions and he goes to repair what ought to were yours. This would not appear through complaining. It would not appear through begging. It takes place whilst you arise withinside the morning and say, “I do not see how this may ever alternate, however Lord, I need to thanks that the solution is at the manner. Thank you that recuperation is coming. Thank you that the trouble is popping round. Thank you that my youngsters will satisfy their destiny”.If you stay like which you may as properly get ready. God goes to opposite and he goes to repair. He goes to opposite price range that have been going down. He goes to opposite a enterprise that changed into slow. He goes to opposite a awful scientific file. He goes to opposite a criminal scenario. Not simplest that, God goes to repair what ought to were yours. He goes to repair the years you’ve got misplaced due to the fact someone did you wrong; an unfair scenario. He goes to repair a relationship, repair a dream. It’s going to appear due to your reward, due to the fact you are thanking God earlier.Friends, do not lose your reward. The struggle can be difficult however hold praising. People do you wrong; hold praising. The file would not appearance appropriate; hold praising. Finances pass down; hold praising. As lengthy as you’ve got got reward popping out of your mouth then it is now no longer over. I’ve found out God may not permit a praiser be defeated. Don’t lose your reward.1 Samuel 17, the Philistines have been on one facet of a mountain. The Israelites have been on one facet of every other mountain. There changed into a valley in among them that they have been preventing over. The scripture says the valley belonged to Judah. It belonged to the Israelites. Judah manner reward. Every morning and each night for forty days Goliath might pop out and stand at the Philistine’s facet of the mountain, this big large and he might shout threats and insults in the direction of the Israelites, looking to intimidate them, deliver worry, motive them to panic.First aspect they heard withinside the morning changed into Goliath shouting, “You’re days are numbered. You do not have a chance”. The closing aspect they heard earlier than they went to mattress changed into, “I’m a lot larger than you. You may as properly provide up”. The enemy works the identical manner nowadays. When you first arise you will listen his threats. “You’re now no longer going to make it. You do not have the money. Your fitness isn’t always appropriate. You’re youngsters are by no means going to straighten up”. The closing aspect you listen earlier than you visit mattress, “It’s now no longer going to paintings out. Too a whole lot is coming in opposition to you”.For forty days the Israelites could not sleep at night. They have been intimidated, worried, dwelling in worry. But at some point a younger guy confirmed up named David. He had a mystery weapon. He got here from the tribe of Judah; the tribe of reward. David knew the valley they have been preventing for failed to belong to worry, failed to belong to discouragement, failed to belong to intimidation. He knew that valley belonged to reward. His mind-set changed into, “I can be in a low spot. I can be in a difficult time. I do not see a manner out. But I recognize this valley would not belong to discouragement. Intimidation isn’t always going to hold me up at night. Goliath, you are now no longer getting into my valley. This valley belongs to reward”.I can believe David started out to thank God for what he had finished withinside the beyond after which he converted and began out thanking God for what he changed into approximately to do. He stated, “Goliath, at the present time I will defeat you and feed your head to the birds of the air”. He changed into pronouncing, “Lord, I need to thanks for the solution it’s coming. Thank you that matters are converting in my prefer”. David went at the triumph over that enemy.When you are in a valley, like David, worry will attempt to occupy that valley. In the morning, tension will attempt to come into that valley. At night, earlier than you visit mattress, stress, doubt, intimidation, will attempt to hold you up at night. But recognize this; that valley would not belong to the enemy. It belongs to reward. Now you have got to take your valley returned. All thru the day whilst the mind come pronouncing, “It’s now no longer going to paintings out. The trouble is by no means going to show round,” do not reside on that. Don’t permit that occupy that valley. Turn up your reward. “Father, thanks which you are nevertheless at the throne. Thank you which you are larger than this impediment. Thank you which you are preventing my battles. Thank you that the solution is already at the manner”.When you discover ways to provide God reward withinside the valley you may defeat each large. It would not rely how large that impediment is. You and God are a majority. He will usually motive you to triumph. And really, any folks can provide God reward whilst we are at the mountaintop. That’s clean whilst the entirety goes our manner. But it takes a individual of amazing religion to say, “God, not anything goes my manner. I do not sense properly. I’m tired. These human beings are doing me wrong. Business is slow. I ought to effortlessly be discouraged. I ought to effortlessly whinge. But I recognize a mystery. This valley belongs to reward. So God, I need thanks that I’m popping out. I need to thanks which you are restoring and reversing. I need to thanks that matters are converting in my prefer”.You do this and also you may not live withinside the valley. Praise reasons God to visit paintings. Praise breaks chains which might be preserving us returned. Praise opens up supernatural doors. Praise reasons matters to fall into place. Some of you’ve got got prayed approximately the scenario lengthy sufficient. You’ve were given to replace over into reward. Get up each morning, “Father, thanks that my goals are coming to byskip. Thank you that recuperation is coming. Thank you that promoting is on its manner”.That’s what will hold you robust, now no longer begging, now no longer praying over and over. No, remember; like Daniel, the primary day you prayed God heard it and set the miracle into motion. It’s already at the manner. As you hold giving God reward he goes to hold supplying you with power to trust. And yes, every so often it is difficult. You can be in that valley however do not you dare permit worry occupy that valley.Don’t permit intimidation in that valley. Don’t permit doubt and complaining come into your valley. That valley belongs to reward. If you will dig your heels in and provide up that sacrifice of reward, God guarantees he goes to opposite and repair. Like Abraham, you may see the dream come to byskip. Like David, you may defeat each large. Like Elijah, the drought will come to an end. I trust and declare; you may see the abundance of rain, abundance of joy, abundance for your fitness, abundance for your price range, abundance of God’s goodness. In Jesus’ call.