We’ve all skilled crisis — instances we’ve felt powerless in our circumstances. When your scenario is from your control, how do you destroy through? In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren stocks the name of the game to praying step forward prayers — thanking God earlier. You’ll discover ways to revel in breakthroughs to your finances, job, marriage, health, and relationships. Watch this message and get geared up to look God paintings miracles to your existence.

THANKING GOD IN ADVANCEFOR YOUR BREAKTHROUGHSeeking God for a Breakthrough – Part threeRick WarrenNovember 26-27, 2016

Jesus: “Anytime you ask for something in prayer, trust which you HAVE received it, and you WILL receive it.” Mark 11:24

Thanking God AFTER he offers some thing is: GRATITUDE Thanking God BEFORE he offers it’s far called: FAITH

2 CHRONICLES 20:1-26″After this, three enemy nations united to assault King Jehoshaphat. Spies informed him, ‘A massive mixed navy is marching to Jerusalem proper now to defeat you!’ Scared and worried, King Jehoshaphat resolved to are seeking the Lord, and he announced a national speedy. So everybody got here collectively to speedy and pray and are seeking assist from God. When all of them were given to the Temple in Jerusalem, the king stood up and prayed aloud.”  2 Chronicles 20:1-5


  • FOCUSING ON GOD, NOT MY PROBLEM”Jehoshaphat turned into afraid, so he set his face to are seeking the Lord.” 2 Chronicles 20:3a
  • REMIND MYSELF OF GOD’S GREATNESS”O Lord, Are you now no longer the God who’s in heaven? You rule over each country and nation. You are so effective and strong that not anything and nobody can defeat you!” 2 Chronicles 20:6
  • REMIND MYSELF OF HIS UNLIMITED POWER”And God, DID YOU NOT force out people who attempted to hold us from residing right here whilst you introduced us lower back home?” 2 Chronicles 20:7a
  • REMIND GOD OF HIS PROMISES”And also, DID YOU NOT provide this promised land on your pal Abraham’s descendants, to be theirs forever?” 2 Chronicles 20:7b
  • ASK GOD FOR A BREAKTHROUGH”Our enemies need to damage us. WILL YOU NOT prevent them from defeating us?” 2 Chronicles 20:10-12a

ACTION PLAN: This week find out beyond regular time to hope with the aid of using beginning an “electronics speedy.” Set a particular term every day whilst you are going to show off your computer, your phone, and your tv as you study the Bible and pray. Use the prayer version from remaining week’s message (you could see it once more at saddleback.com/map).

  • TELL GOD: I CAN’T DO THIS; I NEED YOU TO DO THIS.”Lord, we are powerless in opposition to this strong navy this is coming to assault us and we do not know what to do BUT we are trying to you for assist.” 2 Chronicles 20:12b”Then all of the men of Judah stood earlier than the Lord, waiting with their other halves and younger kids or even babies.” 2 Chronicles 20:13ACTION PLAN:  Identify one vicinity to your existence wherein you want a step forward. Write this down and hold it to your pockets or purse. Offer this want as much as God and make the selection to be patient, trusting in God’s timing.
  • LISTEN TO WHAT GOES SAYS”This is what the Lord says to you: ‘Do now no longer be afraid or discourageddue to this large navy. For the conflict is now no longer yours, however God’s!’ . . . You might not want to combat in this conflict! Just absorb your positionand stand strong! Then just wait and watch, and you’ll see the Lord supply you! Again, do now no longer be afraid or get discouraged, due to the fact the Lord is with you! Then the King and everybody else all bowed down at the floor and worshiped God!” 2 Chronicles 20:15b-18


  • WAIT & WATCH WHAT GOD DOESACTION PLAN:  Next to the step forward want you wrote down earlier, write down those 4 matters that God says approximately your step forward. Every time you consider your want, pull out this card and study it to your self and thank God earlier for answering your want.
  • THANK GOD IN ADVANCE FOR THE ANSWER”Then the king appointed musicians and singers in choir robes TOMarch in the front of the navy and loudly reward and thank the Lord! This is what they sang: ‘WE Thank God! His love in no way quits!'” 2 Chronicles 20:21″At the instant they commenced to sing and to reward, the Lordprompted the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to start combating amongst themselves, and that they destroyed every different!” 2 Chronicles 20:22-23ACTION PLAN:  Make a playlist of worship song which you enjoy. Listen to it a touch every day and sing alongside whilst able.
  • EXPECT GOD TO TURN BATTLES INTO BLESSINGS”Wchook the navy of Judah sooner or later arrived on the battleground, the valley turned into protected with useless our bodies for as some distance as they might see. No one had survived. So they went out to collect the plunder and that they located massive quantities of equipment, clothing, and different valuables — extra than they might convey lower back! In fact, there turned into a lot loot it took 3 days to acquire it all! On the fourth day, they amassed for a worship carrier in that valley, which they named ‘The Valley of Beracah’ due to the fact the human beings had thanked and praised God there.” 2 Chronicles 20:24-26