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5 MINUTES PLEASURE, 50 YEARS PAIN. Part 2 (Sexual Sin – What it is, What it Does & the Way Out)

De Edifier

Part 2

Sexual Soul-Ties

God’s intentions for sexual fulfilment lie strictly within the covenant of marriage. Marriage is not just a legal transaction. It is primarily a spiritual transaction – a joining together of two people. Just as men (and women) are spirit, soul and body, then God also intended the covenant of marriage to lead to a permanent union of spirit, soul and body

A couple who intend to marry may be spiritually joined in faith, heart and intent, but until after the vows have been made to each other and to God, and intercourse has taken place, the marriage is not complete. Indeed, the church has always recognised that a marriage which has not been completed with sexual intercourse is one that can be annulled – for it is not a proper marriage.

Intercourse is the union of flesh, when the desire of the soul is completed through bodily sexual union. Through sexual union, therefore, there is both a joining of spirit and soul and a joining of bodies.

After intercourse has taken place the bodies separate, but the souls are now joined together – the marriage, as such, is complete. There is then not only a union of spirit, but also a union of soul. Scripture talks about the two having become one flesh (Ephesians 5:31). There is now a soul-tie established between husband and wife through the act of sexual union. Something of the man becomes part of the woman and something of the woman becomes part of the man.

It is for this reason that as the years go by, married couples can grow like each other in so many different ways. Even to the extent that it is sometimes possible to see the effect physically in couples that have been married for a long time.

What we have now established is that the physical union of sexual intercourse involves more than the physical joining of bodies, for those who have been joined together in this way also become joined together in their souls with what we call a soul-tie. This was God’s wonderful plan for marriage, permanently uniting couples in a living and dynamic relationship

Consequences of Sexual Sin

We have already established that when people enter into sexual sin, they are pleasing the god of this world and, as a result, they may have welcomed an unclean spirit into their lives for which deliverance is needed.

We have now understood that God’s intention for marriage was to provide a means through which man and woman would be permanently united in spirit and soul. Paul even tells us that God’s intentions for the relationship between husband and wife could even be used as a picture of God’s intentions for the relationship between Jesus and the Church! (Ephesians 5). That’s the good news!

The bad news for those who are sexually promiscuous is that God does not suspend his plans to establish a soul-tie between them in order to accommodate man’s sin. Whilst God is undoubtedly a God of love, he is also a God of law and order and God’s order for sexual relationships is that whenever they occur a joining takes place and a soul-tie is established.

So if a person, for example, had several sexual partners in their youth, he (or she) now has a soul-tie with each one of these. Something of themselves has been given away to each sexual partner and something of the other person has become part of them. Paul explicitly stated that this is even so in the case of prostitution, where he says that when a man unites himself with a prostitute “the two will become one flesh” (1 Cor. 6:16).

Instead of this being a Godly soul-tie which brings great blessing into the lives of a husband and wife, it becomes a chain of bondage through which people are influenced unknowingly by the life and personality of those to whom they have been sexually joined. And additionally an ungodly soul-tie provides an opportunity for the demonic to transfer from one person to another, both at the time of sexual intercourse and at any time subsequently.

The whole of Proverbs 5 is a warning against adulterous sexual relationships. Verse 22 sums up the consequences of ungodly sex by saying that “the evil deeds of a wicked man ensnare him; the cords of his sin hold him fast.” An ungodly soul-tie is a cord of sin which holds people in permanent bondage – at least until Jesus breaks the chain. Because it is through God’s order for mankind that a soul-tie was established in the first place, it follows that it is only God who can undo it.

Breaking the Chains of Ungodly Soul-Ties

Fountain of my soul

1 John 1:9 encourages us to confess our sins to God so that we will be forgiven. But in James 5:16 scripture tells us to “confess your sins one to another, and pray for each other, so that you may be healed”. There are clearly two processes going on. One deals with the eternal, spiritual, consequence of sin and the restoration of relationship with God through forgiveness, and the other deals with the temporal consequences of sin which have caused a condition which requires healing – healing which can include the need for deliverance..

Of course God can (and does) heal some people sovereignly when they pray to him, but for many people there may also be a pride issue that has to be dealt with, and it is Notes… Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange, Ellel, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. info@ellelministries.org www.ellelministries.org © Ellel Ministries only the process of telling someone else about the sin that deals with the pride, which is sometimes a major blockage to receiving healing. We have seen this to be especially the case in respect of sexual sin in Christians. People would prefer not to experience the shame of someone else knowing about their sin, but where there is a pride issue in the heart, it is the humbling of oneself in this way that enables God to lift us up, restore us fully into his presence and release us into healing and fulfilment of the calling He has for us.

There is no sin that God is not able to forgive – but ultimately it is only He that can wipe our slate clean. Similarly it is only God that can undo those soul-ties that have been established through ungodly sexual relationships. So, in a ministry situation we would encourage a person to confess their sin to God, asking Him for forgiveness and restoration and then we would ask God to break the ungodly soul-tie and restore the person to a place where that which they gave away to another in a wrong relationship is restored to them and they are completely released of everything that came to them from their sexual partners.

The effect of this can be very profound, bringing transformation to people’s lives as they are restored to being the person that God intended them to be in the first place.

The final part of the ministry is the deliverance. While we have to ask God to bring the healing (severing) of ungodly soul-ties, Jesus gave to believers authority to cast out demons. It is our general experience that where there have been ungodly sexual soul-ties there will also have been demons that either came in at the time of the sin or which have used the soul-tie to enter subsequently.

Stories from the Casebook

Some of the real-life stories, gained from our experience within Ellel Ministries, will help you understand the significance of soul-ties and the importance of not allowing any of the works of darkness to remain uncleansed in a person’s life.

One man I ministered to freely confessed that he had had about fifty sexual partners. The Holy Spirit had brought deep conviction of the sin in his life and he was truly repentant. After he had fully confessed the sins and asked God to forgive him, I then asked God to break the ungodly soul-ties and restore him on the inside. Prior to this incident the man had had no teaching on the subject to influence how he would describe what happened. This is what he said. “It feels as though there are parts of me coming back to me. And I can see things that I thought were part of who I am, disappearing as God takes them away.” Then he made a very profound statement, “For the first time that I can remember, I know who I am!”. He was re-discovering his own true identity. One of the major consequences of sexual sin is that through the establishment of ungodly soul ties we begin to lose our own identity. And the more different partners people have had sex, the less they know who they really are.

In reality, until God had dealt with the ungodly soul-ties he couldn’t have known who he was, for he was joined to fifty other people, all of whom were having some sort of an influence on his life. And at the same time it was if his own influence was being spread Notes… Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange, Ellel, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. info@ellelministries.org www.ellelministries.org © Ellel Ministries around the world in the lives of all those with whom he had had sex. After God had broken the ungodly ties he was free to be himself for the first time since he had begun to be promiscuous as a teenager. The final part of the ministry was deliverance, and not surprisingly, there was a lot of deliverance needed.

Another man, a Pastor of a local church, came to me concerned that he was unable to make any more headway in his church. It seemed as though every time he tried to move things forward along the pathway of renewal that an impenetrable blockage stood in the way. When I first asked him about previous sexual partners he was surprised by the question, not thinking that this could have any relevance to his situation. He freely admitted that before he was a Christian he had been quite promiscuous and, yes, there had been ten different sexual partners. But he had totally turned his back on this lifestyle following his conversion and he believed that had all been dealt with at the cross.

I explained to him that the sin was totally forgiven and that God had wiped the record of the sin off the slate. But in reality there is also a law of sowing and reaping and not only does sin have to be confessed and repented of to deal with the eternal consequences, but there are times when cleansing and healing are also necessary to deal with the consequences in time.

He understood what I was saying and gladly wrote down the names of the ten girls. One by one I prayed through the list asking God to break the ungodly soul-ties. And one by one he sensed God doing a profound work of cleansing on the inside and after each on significant deliverance took place. Until, that is we reached number five. I only just began to pronounce her name with the syllable “An…….” When I was stunned by a violent and noisy demonic response from the man as he shouted out at me, “You are not having her!”. He was as stunned as I was and after he had recovered his composure I asked him what he could remember about Angela.

He had no difficulty in remembering that Angela always dressed in black and was actively involved in witchcraft. Here was the major key to the blockage he was experiencing in his ministry. He was bonded to someone whose witchcraft was still being used against him through the ungodly soul-tie which had been established all those years earlier. Satan uses every possible hook to try and limit the effectiveness of our ministries. Having prayed to bind the demons of witchcraft they were silenced, God broke that soul-tie for ever and he was a different man after that. The remaining soul-ties and subsequent deliverance presented no problem.

A lady once told me that there was a night in her marriage when she sensed there was someone else present in the bed with her and her husband. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling so repulsed by his presence. He had been away on business and she had been looking forward to restoration of intimate relationships with him on his return. But there was something wrong and she knew it. It was only years later she found out that when her husband had been away he had committed adultery. What his wife had been sensing was the presence of the other woman, to whom her husband was now joined with an ungodly soul-tie. For years since that moment their relationship had been tarnished by the spiritual presence of the other woman.

Over the years we have ministered freedom from ungodly sexual soul-ties to countless thousands of people around the world. People of every racial grouping and from most nations. The fruit has been remarkable. Often Satan uses the ungodly soul-ties to hold people into demonic symptoms of physical illness, preventing people from ever being fully whole. Demonic transference in this way is one of the most common sources of sickness in the Body of Christ.

We have commonly prayed for people who have had previous sexual partners and after prayer they have and deliverance they have experienced a significant measure of healing. Sometimes the effect has been quite dramatic as symptoms a person may have been wrestling with for years are suddenly healed as ungodly ties are broken.

On one occasion I taught a large church about the nature of sexual sin and its consequences. When teaching in this way I often use drama to graphically illustrate the key points. I have a young couple on the platform who, in the drama, are about to get married, and I then expose the fact that they have both had previous sexual partners. In the drama these previous partners are hanging onto the young couple as they prepare to get married. But these previous partners have also had other sexual relationships, so there is a second generation of ties, and a third and so on. When people see just how many different people are tied into the marriage, they realise how dangerous sexual sin is and they understand why the scriptures are so clear about the need for sexual purity both before and after marriage.

After the church had seen the drama and heard the teaching, I then opened up the front of the church for confession, repentance and ministry. A flood of people came forward. There was many tears, major deliverance and a great amount of physical healing as the holds of the enemy on these dear people’s lives was broken for ever. The Pastors of the church looked on in amazement. They thought they knew their people and were deeply shocked at the extent of need in this area amongst their people.

One lady came for prayer because she was unable to conceive a child with her husband. On asking a few questions I found out that there had been a previous boy-friend who wanted to marry her, but whom she had given up to marry the man she really loved. Her previous boy-friend, however, with whom she had been having sexual relations, was both heart-broken and very angry. He vowed that she would never have a child by another man.

Such words were in fact a curse which Satan could use to release demons against her – in this case a spirit of death to prevent her ever being able to have her own child. The soul-tie between them gave the enemy easy access to her life. It was only when the soul-tie had been broken and she had been delivered of the spirit of death that she was then able to conceive.

It has become a common experience for us to minister in this way to women who, for various reasons, are currently unable to conceive. We often find that in earlier life they had had other sexual partners and, in some cases, had had an abortion after falling pregnant. What a joy it is to bring healing o such people through first dealing with the sin of abortion, and then asking God to break all the ungodly soul-ties, followed by deliverance Notes… Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange, Ellel, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. info@ellelministries.org www.ellelministries.org © Ellel Ministries from all the unclean spirits. The icing on the cake is to subsequently receive a photograph of the longed-for baby! We have many such pictures in our files. They are a constant encouragement as we press on to bring healing to God’s people.

Special Situations

All that I have said so far about the need for confession, repentance, breaking of soul-ties and deliverance applies to all forms of sexual sin which have been entered into through the freewill choice of the participants.

The primary difference between those who have committed sexual sin before marriage (fornication) and those who have committed sexual sin after marriage (adultery) is that the latter also involves betrayal of the marriage covenant with one’s wife or husband, with all the possible consequences of secondary pain and relationship breakdown. Ministry into the marital relationship or into the consequences of relationship breakdown is beyond the scope of this chapter.

It is increasingly common to find that married couples who have a Godly sexual relationship within marriage, began their sexual relationship with fornication before marriage. In these cases there can be both an ungodly and a Godly soul-tie between the couple.

It is necessary for the ungodly dimension to the relationship to be fully dealt with, for this can be a source of spiritual friction or even be the grounds for an unclean spirit to cause sexual problems and division in the relationship through temptation to subsequent sexual sin. One lady in this situation was radically healed of epilepsy which had started at the time of her marriage. Having dealt with the fornication she was then delivered and wonderfully healed.

Abuse and rape: Where sexual relationships were forced upon a person in an abusive or rape situation, an ungodly soul-tie is still established between the abuser or the rapist and their victim, even though the relationship was against the will of the victim. While there is always much deeper ministry that is required in order to take the person through the issue of forgiveness and healing for the terrible betrayal and ordeal they have experienced, it is still necessary at some stage in the ministry to such people to deal with the ungodly soulties.

Many people, who have been abused in their early days, had come to believe that they would never be free of intrusive memories of their ordeal and the perpetrator. It was only after God had broken the soul-ties that they were free to move on in their healing without being chained to the person who had stolen so much from them through what they did.

Those who have been abused or raped will also need help with the shame associated with their ordeal. While, in reality, there may be nothing they have done which merits personal guilt or shame, one of Satan’s tactics is to overwhelm the person with what is false guilt and false shame, often demonically empowered, which entraps the person into a false identity from which it is very difficult for them to escape without the help of those who can take them by the hand and see them restored under the hand of God. In severe cases Notes… Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange, Ellel, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. info@ellelministries.org www.ellelministries.org © Ellel Ministries there can also be a breaking of the personality requiring much more in-depth personal ministry.

Ungodly Sexual Activities: Ungodly sex is simply everything that God would define as being ungodly sexual conduct, according to His Word, that goes beyond the practice of heterosexual relationships. This would include sex with animals, homosexual and lesbian sexual relationships, oral sex where a woman is made to experience her partner’s ejaculation into her mouth, sexual violence and punishment, and all forms of ritual sex.

The teaching that anything goes within marriage, provided that both partners agree to it, finds no place in scripture. Ungodly sexual practices are wrong, whether they are found inside or outside of marriage. I never cease to be amazed at the extremes of sexual behaviour that some people have experimented with. It is little surprise that they are struggling with all manner of spiritual, emotional, physical and sexual problems and temptations. There is no way out except through uncompromising honesty, a radical determination to turn from all such behaviour, deliverance and healing.

Sometimes people have been led into perverted sexual conduct by someone else. For example a person may have been encouraged to experiment with animal sex by a particular individual. It is our experience that in cases such as this there is often a soultie between the participants, even though they may not have had direct personal sexual contact. The agreement together to participate in ungodliness is enough to join them together in an ungodly soul-tie.

Pornography: Pornography of all types provides the means for individuals to participate lustfully, through the eyes, in other people’s sexually promiscuous or perverted behaviour. Jesus faced this possibility head-on in Matt.5:28 when he said that “anyone who looks on a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart”.

The use of pornography as an aid to masturbation highlights the sexual joining in the mind there can be with the image that is being looked at, resulting in a physical sexual expression. It may be necessary when ministering to those for whom pornography has become an uncontrollable force in their life to ask God to break the soul-ties that have been established through the mind with the images people have lustfully used.

None of us can escape the gratuitous onslaught of sexual images that bombard mankind through all branches of the media, especially through television and films. Satan uses this constant bombardment to try and wear people down so that they become increasingly tolerant of watching blatantly ungodly images. We need to be constantly on our guard to this and learn to resist the devil’s temptations whenever they face us.

And Finally

There are many people who have desperately tried secretly, and in their own strength, to overcome the temptations of the enemy in the sexual area. Often, largely because they have been ignorant of the nature of the battle, they have not had access to the weapons with which to fight. But once people understand about the true nature of sexual sin and Notes… Ellel Ministries, Ellel Grange, Ellel, Lancaster, LA2 0HN, UK. info@ellelministries.org www.ellelministries.org © Ellel Ministries consequential soul-ties, and the need there can be for deliverance, it is as though a huge obstacle to their healing has been removed.

However, deliverance should not be considered as the end of the story. We still have to exercise our freewill in order to remain free through making Godly choices for, as Peter tells us very graphically, “Your enemy prowls round like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). Which means that Satan doesn’t generally give up on trying to tempt us! Peter’s simple advice is to “Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” For as long as we resist him the enemy cannot have any ground to stand on, in our lives.

May the Lord give you His understanding of any issues you are personally facing and enable you to receive any necessary healing and deliverance so that you will then have the strength to stand firm as you choose to walk in obedience and fellowship with Him.

FOUNTAIN OF MY SOUL By Pst. Victor Okereke (De Edifier)



“A fountain of joy alive in you”: How Music Tunes the Soul

I recorded this collection during the month of October 2018. Having a clear calendar for the month, I felt the Lord telling me that there was a reason I had no ministry obligations for the entire month. As I asked the Lord ‘why?’ I felt led to record this project, coupling some of my favorite songs. Worship with me and find rest for your soul as you walk intimately with Jesus through these song. I AM LIFE-STREAM

A fountain that flows from above;
I have passed from the waters of strife
And come to the Elim of love;
I have drunk of the heavenly well,
In the depths of my being it springs.
No mortal can measure or tell
The gladness the Comforter brings.

Fountain of my soul

Oh, come to the Fountain of Life,
The fountain that never runs dry;
Oh, drink of the boundless supply,
For Christ is the Fountain of Life.

I have come to the Fountain of Blood
That for guilt and uncleanness doth flow;
I have washed in its sin-cleansing flood
And my garments are whiter than snow.
I count not my righteousness mine—
’Tis Jesus that lives in my soul.
I partake of His nature divine,
And in Him I am perfectly whole.

I have come to the Fountain of Health,
A boundless and endless supply;
’Tis a secret man’s wisdom or wealth
Can never discover or buy.
But the secret my Lord hath revealed
In the fountain that flows from His side,
In the stripes by whose pain we are healed,
In Himself as He comes to abide.

I have come to the Fountain of Joy;
His joy is the strength of my heart.
My delight is unmixed with alloy,
My sunshine can never depart.

From my spirit within flows a fountain of life—
The Triune God flowing in me;
God the Father’s the source, Christ the Son is the course,
And the Spirit imparts life to me.

And my soul-life at last I lay down;
O Lord, deepen the pure flow of life;
At Your coming may life be my crown.

In the fresh, tender grass Jesus makes me lie down;
He leads me by waters of rest;
No more struggle and strain; all self-effort is vain;
In the flow I am perfectly blessed.

Jesus called me one day to the Holiest Place,
To live in His presence divine;
Hallelujah, I’ve heard an encouraging word:
“Abide—you’re a branch in the vine.”

Who can satisfy my soul, like You
Who on earth can comfort me and love me like You do
Who could ever be more faithful and true
I will trust in You, I will trust in You, my God

Who can satisfy my soul, like You
Who on earth can comfort me and love me like You do
Who could ever be more faithful and true
I will trust in You, I will trust in You, my God

There is, who is a King
(There is a fountain, who is a King)
Victorious warrior
(Victorious warrior and Lord of everything)
My rock, my very own
(My rock, my shelter, my very own)
Blessed Redeemer, who reigns upon the throne, oh yes

There is a fountain, who is a King
(Who is a King)
Victorious warrior and Lord of everything
(Victorious warrior)
My rock, my shelter, my very own
(My rock, yes He is, He is, my very own)
Blessed Redeemer, who reigns upon the throne
(Blessed Redeemer, who reigns)

Who could ever be more faithful and true
I will trust in You, I will trust in You, I will trust in You, my God

I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river in my soul.
I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river in my soul.

I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul.
I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul.

I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul.
I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul.

5 MINUTES PLEASURE, 50 YEARS PAIN (Sexual Sin – What it is, What it Does & the Way Out)


Part One

It is impossible to understand the nature and consequences of sexual sin without first understanding what God’s original plan and purpose was for mankind. Then from within an understanding of God’s creative purposes we can begin to understand His plan and purpose for marriage and then sex within marriage.

Made to be Creative

Man is made in the image and likeness of God. God is spirit and, therefore, man is also a spiritual being. But God is also creative, being the Creator, and the spirit of man is, therefore, creative by nature.

But man is more than a spirit, he is also a creature of flesh. And flesh is more than just the body, for without there being a part of man which gives the body instructions, the body would be incapable of functioning effectively. The soul is that part of man which gives the body its instructions.

A body without a soul would be a bit like a car without a driver. Just as a car only moves when instructed to do so by its driver, the body only moves when acted upon by the soul. And just as a bad driver is capable of damaging the vehicle and causing it to be a danger to himself, other cars and other people, so the soul is capable of leading the body into dangerous territory, both endangering himself and being a danger to others.

Man’s complete entity is, therefore, spirit, soul and body. It is through the spirit that man is able to fellowship with God. The soul stands at the interface between the spirit and the body. The soul and the body together are what the Bible refers to as the flesh and which enables man to function as a human being. The spirit and the soul together form what we broadly call the personality of a human being.

Creativity lies at the centre of the human spirit and God intended that it should find its expression in human beings through the flesh (the body and the soul). Whenever mankind uses the gifts that God has given for Godly purposes it is, indirectly, an act of worship of the God who made us.

So when a child makes a tower out of wooden bricks, or an architect designs a building, they are expressing their God-given creativity. When an artist paints a picture, an author writes a book or a chef prepares a meal, they are also expressing something of the creative gifting they received into their spirit from their Creator. Godly sex within the covenant of marriage rejoices the heart of God. So when a husband and wife express themselves in Godly sexual relationship it is both an expression of man’s creativity and an act of worship to God!

The Challenge of Freewill

When God made man, however, he risked everything by also giving him the gift of freewill. God was desirous of a relationship with man that is an expression of love, which means, among other things, that God desires a relationship that is entered into through the exercise of freewill choice, not one that is enforced through domination and control. But this also means that all the creative gifts God has given can be used by man for good or evil purposes.

An architect, for example, who is capable of designing a magnificent and inspiring cathedral could also use his creative gifting to design such awful things as the gas chambers of Auschwitz. An artist can use his brushes to paint a picture of exquisite beauty, but he can also use the same brushes to paint a scene of unimaginable filth, horror and degradation. A film director can inspire, challenge and entertain with a movie of extraordinary power and sensitivity or use the same skills to drag his viewers into mental participation in violence, pornography and distaste.

Sadly, there is no limit to the behaviour extremes of fallen man. Throughout history mankind has plumbed the depths of behaviour that is an abomination to a holy God. None more so is this the case than in the realm of sexuality, where ungodly desires of the soul can so easily take precedence over the desires of the spirit. Unredeemed man has no spiritual brakes to apply to his behaviour. Man becomes wise in his own eyes and “I’ll do it my way” becomes the theme song of a world without God.

Only now, with the onset of a world-wide AIDS crisis of epidemic proportions is man having the opportunity to re-assess some of the physical consequences of removing the restraints on sexual behaviour. Tragically, the world’s preferred response is not to discourage ungodly sexual activity through a return to Godly order, but to encourage further indulgence in Satan’s counterfeit regime through an even wider availability of cheap or free, protective contraceptives, not solely for contraceptive purposes, but so as to limit the extent of disease transmission during heterosexual intercourse or homosexual relationships.

The world is only concerned about the physical dangers of unprotected sex. The god of this world has so blinded the eyes that the spiritual dangers of ungodly sex have become irrelevant to a Godless and politically correct society (where there are no absolutes and every faith or belief system, and moral code or lack of it, has to be given equal political standing, and Christian truth is made to take its place as a supposed “equal” alongside every other false religion, including witchcraft and atheism).

The Spiritual Dangers of Ungodly Sex

The spiritual dangers of ungodly sex are such that no contraceptive in the world can ever provide protection against them. And many of those inside the church are seemingly ignorant of the spiritual consequences of sexual sin. I say ‘seemingly ignorant’, because if they were fully aware of the dangers, teaching in the church would at least match the teaching that is abundantly evident throughout scripture, and the incidence of sexual sin in the church would be significantly less than it actually is.

In reality there is so much sexual sin inside the Body of Christ that, on occasions it is hard to distinguish between the sexual practices of believers and unbelievers! Instead of the church being ‘salt and light’ in the world, the world has been allowed to sow poison inside the church. And so lightly is sexual sin often perceived, that for many the Bible’s teaching on sex and sexuality is dismissed as out of date, or even irrelevant, for the permissive age in which we live. I have even had it said to me that they believed the Bible’s teaching was true for earlier ages, but now man has developed reliable contraceptives, Biblical requirements for sexual conduct are no longer appropriate.

And even in those sectors of the church where there is clear and unequivocal teaching on what is right and wrong sexual conduct, there is little understanding of the spiritual consequences of sexual sin, leaving people ignorant of the reasons why purity truly is God’s best for His creation. When teaching on the subject, I have found that when people understand what happens when we sin sexually, they come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, see the need for cleansing and quickly come to the place of open confession and repentance.

It is not for nothing that Paul went out of his way to emphasise this point by telling the Christians in Corinth to “Flee from sexual immorality. All other sins a man commits are outside his body, but he who sins sexually sins against his own body”. As we will see later sexual sin gives the enemy rights within the body through ungodly soul-ties.

We live in a rebellious age where respect for authority is no longer enough to restrain the behaviour of the wilful and, sadly, within the church respect for the authority of scripture has diminished and this is no longer enough to restrain the sexual behaviour of believers, let alone unbelievers. The church may have become more exciting and more charismatic, but in so doing it seems to have lost something of the fear of the Lord. And as is so clearly expressed in Exodus 20:20, it is “the fear of the Lord that will keep people from sinning.” Nothing else will keep people from sinning when a person is alone and there is no expectation that anyone else will see what they are doing.

The Bible’s teaching on sowing and reaping has been largely sidelined. Paul warned about not letting the grace of God become an excuse for sinful indulgence. The born again believer (one whose spirit has been restored again to fellowship with God through faith in Jesus Christ) living in a fallen world will never in this life be free from temptation. The age-old battle between the will of the spirit and the will of the soul (the flesh)is described graphically by Paul in Galatians 5.

Paul warned in verse 21 that “those who practice such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Understanding the difference between Godly and ungodly sex and then choosing to walk in God’s ways, could indeed be a matter of life and death. The writer of the Proverbs (2:18) warns that “the house of the adulteress leads down to death and her paths to the spirits of the dead”.

So what actually is adultery? Jeremiah 3 provides us with a powerful insight into God’s understanding of adultery. Here the peoples of Judah and Israel are accused of committing adultery with stone and wood (verses 8 to 10). Not because they were having ungodly sex, but because they were worshipping idols, worshipping a false god. They were joining themselves through worship to another god. Jehovah was their true God but they were going after another.

Adultery is, therefore, all wrongful joining together. By this definition all sexual sin, be it before marriage, after marriage, in homosexual relationships or even with animals is defined as being adulterous. Which means that the seventh commandment, “You shall not commit adultery” (Exodus 20:14) has a much wider meaning than just hetero-sexual sexual sin by married people. It embraces all forms of ungodly sexual relationships.

As this article unfolds the full spiritual dangers of sexual sin will become clear. My prayer is that as people begin to understand, they will find themselves on a road to restoration and healing.

Healing Grace and Mercy

Although the Scriptures face the reality of the fact that even believers can fall into sexual sin and are clear on what is right and wrong, they are also full of hope, telling us of a God who longs to forgive and to heal. God’s promise is that when His people humble themselves, truly confess their sin, repent and turn from their sin, that he will forgive and restore. While what has been done cannot be undone, David’s account of his encounter with God, following the exposure of his adultery, with Bathsheba is eloquent testimony to God’s mercy and healing grace (Psalm 51).

It is absolutely clear, from both scripture and experience, that when we choose to walk in the ways of the god of this world we do open the door to the enemy, which means that those who have knowingly walked in sexual sin not only need to repent, ask for forgiveness and change their ways, but will also need deliverance in order to enter into the full healing that God wants them to have.

We cannot sweep these facts under the spiritual carpet. But we do need to be careful to respect the attitude of Jesus towards the woman who was caught in an act of adultery. Her accusers were ready to stone her to death, but Jesus had compassion upon her. It is easy to be judgmental without understanding.

The first time I ministered to a prostitute I was aware of an inner anger at what this twentythree year old woman had done to men. When I asked how long she had been a prostitute, and she told me thirteen years, I began to reassess my thinking. When she told me how her father had left home, her mother had little money and how she was led into child

prostitution by a man who offered her sweets, and then money, for letting him touch her, I began to weep at the terrible damage that had been done by unscrupulous evil men. I finished up repenting to her on behalf of men for what they had done to her.

We must be very careful not to fall into Satan’s trap of heaping condemnation on those who have sinned sexually. There is hope, there is forgiveness, there is deliverance and there is healing.

Made for Relationship

God designed man and woman for each other and provided them with the means through which they should not only express their relationship spiritually and emotionally, but also physically. God’s intention for sexual expression between husband and wife was that this should be the high-point of human relationship, a deeply spiritual experience of extraordinary one-ness – indeed, so spiritual that the same Hebrew word is used to describe sexual relationships between human beings as to describe the intimacy and depth of spiritual relationship that man is able to have with the living God.

Sex was designed by God to be so enjoyable that the development of the human race through sexual reproduction would never be in doubt! Through the expression of their sexuality God allows men and women to share with him in an act of creation. And sex as God originally intended, between unfallen man and unfallen woman was, therefore, a glorious act of worship of the creator God.

While man’s body has the physical capacity for casual, animal-like, sex with any female, without the requirement of commitment to a relationship, the idea of casual sex is totally foreign to God’s plan for mankind. There is nowhere in scripture where any expression of casual sex, or sex outside of the marriage covenant, is approved of or encouraged. This is, however, the spirit of the age in which we are now living, where hedonism, unrestricted self-seeking pleasure, is rampant throughout much of the world’s society.

Understanding that Godly sexual expression is a form of worship is a vital key to understanding why sexual sin leads people into sexual and demonic bondage. For God rejoices to bless His people with His spiritual presence, especially when they are worshipping Him. The early forms of the marriage service included a reference to adoration and worship, when in the vows with which the couple would commit themselves to each other they say these words, “with my body I, thee, worship”

Whenever we make freewill choices to please Him we put ourselves in the place of God’s blessing being upon us. And there is no doubt that God rejoices to pour His blessing on Godly sexual relationships within the covenant of marriage.

The converse of this, however, is that in this fallen world Satan takes advantage of the fact that man was made to worship and that in worship man makes himself open to the spiritual. For Satan welcomes it when man indulges in sexual practices which are contrary to God’s order, for it is not the living God that is then being worshipped, but Satan. God will not give His glory to another and in He will not, therefore, remain on the throne of arelationship that is ungodly. He cannot bless or rejoice in those things that are contrary to His created order for mankind.

So, as the god of this world, Satan steps onto the throne of the relationship and receives the worship. But far from blessing the participants, who are pleasing Satan with their ungodly use of their creative sexuality, he uses the opportunity to bring them his cursing. And the spirits with which Satan indwells people are not holy, but unholy, or as the Gospel writers describe them, unclean. Through sexual sin they are able to access the body which scripture tells us is, or should be, the “temple of the Holy Spirit”. (1 Cor. 6:19).

Guilt and Shame

Before the fall there was no sin and, therefore, no guilt or shame. Guilt and shame are what we feel when we have caused offence to someone else through our behaviour, especially when that someone else is God. In the absence of any other being, there cannot be any feeling of guilt or shame. The very fact that people are aware of guilt and shame is primary evidence of the existence of God.

Guilty is what we are as a consequence of an offence we have committed. Guilt is resolved through restitution and forgiveness. Jesus paid the price for our sin and through forgiveness we are absolved of the consequences of our sin.

Shame is what we feel on the inside when we have sinned. Shame makes us want to hide from those we have let down, hurt, betrayed or sinned against. A young boy will instinctively want to hide from his parents when he knows he has done something wrong, just as Adam and Eve tried to cover themselves up and hide from God in the garden.

Shame can only be healed when the sin that caused the shame has been brought to the light and forgiven. There are some people whose whole lives are lived behind a wall of shame. Sometimes the shame is as a result of what they have done, but often it is a consequence of what others have done to them also. A girl who has been sexually abused can feel the shame of what they have experienced, especially when an abuser lays the blame for what has happened on the victim, without being guilty in any way for what happened. Satan will always try and use shame to prevent people from stretching out their hands and asking for help.

Jesus is the only one who can touch and heal the person who is living with the consequences of shame in the heart. He paid the price for our sin, made it possible for us to be freed from the curse of other people’s sin against us (through forgiving them) and know the reality of His healing presence, changing us from the inside out.



Marriage is the only school where u get the

Certificate before you start. It’s also a school where

you will never graduate.

It’s a school without a break or a free period.

It’s a school where no one is allowed to drop out.

It’s a school you will have to attend every day of

your life.

It’s a school where there is no sick leave or holidays.

It’s a school founded by God:

1.On the foundation of love.

2.The walls are made out of trust.

3.The door made out of acceptance.

4.The windows made out of understanding

5.The furniture made out of blessings

6.The roof made out of faith.

Be reminded that you are just a student not the


God is the only Principal.

Even in times of storms, don’t be unwise and run


Keep in mind that, this school is the safest place to


Never go to sleep before completing your

assignments for the day.

Never forget the C-word…Communicate.

Communicate to your classmate and to the Principal

If you find out something in your classmate (spouse)

that you do not appreciate.

Remember your classmate is also just a student not a

graduate, God is not finished with him/her yet. So

take it as a challenge and work on it together.

Do not forget to study the Holy Book (the main

textbook of this school).

Start each day with a sacred assembly and end it

the same way. Sometimes you will feel like not

attending classes, yet you have to.

When tempted to quit find courage and continue.

Some tests and exams may be tough but remember

the Principal knows how much you can bear and yet

it’s a school better than any other.

It’s one of the best schools on earth; joy, peace and

happiness accompany each lesson of the day.

Different subjects are offered in this school, yet

love is the major subject.

After all the years of theorizing about it, now you

have a chance to practice it.

To be loved is a good thing, but to love is the

greatest privilege of them all.

Marriage is a place of love, so love your spouse. More grace from God.



Exodus 15:27

Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters.

Would you like to know an important biblical key to divine health? It is found in today’s verse, which comes right after God says, “I am the Lord who heals you.” He said this to His people after He brought them out of Egypt. (Exodus 15:26)

The wells of water and palm trees speak of refreshment. They paint a picture of an oasis in the desert. The Israelites rested and were refreshed there. But why the numbers 12 and 70?

There are no insignificant details in the Bible. The 12 wells of water and 70 palm trees represent anointed ministries that refresh you with God’s Word. So if you want to know Jesus as the Lord who heals you, sit under anointed preaching of God’s Word because when His Word goes forth, it will heal you. His Word is medicine to all your flesh! (Proverbs 4:22)

How did I make that connection? Let the Bible interpret the Bible. Matthew 10:1 says that when Jesus had “called His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease.” He sent out the 12 and said to them, “And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons…” (Matthew 10:7–8)

Then, in Luke 10:1, the Lord “appointed seventy others also, and sent them two by two before His face into every city and place where He Himself was about to go”. He also said to the 70, “And heal the sick there, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’” (Luke 10:9)

In other words, Jesus anointed the 12 and then the 70 disciples to preach God’s Word and heal the sick. Today, if you want refreshment, if you want health and healing, don’t sit under ministries that tell you that God doesn’t always want to heal and that He sometimes gives you diseases to teach you lessons. Instead, sit under anointed ministries that preach the good news and practice healing the sick. My friend, that is how you can begin to walk in divine health!

Thought For The Day

For refreshment and health, sit under anointed ministries that preach the good news and practice healing the sick.

The Psychology Teacher


One day, during an evening class for adults, the

psychology Teacher entered the class and told


“Let’s all play a game!” “ What Game?”

The Teacher asked one of the students to volunteer.

A gentleman, femi came forward.

The Teacher asked him to write 30 names of most

important people in his life on blackboard.

Femi wrote names of his family members, relatives,

friends, his colleagues and his neighbors.

The Teacher told him to erase 3 names that femi

considered most unimportant. Femi erased names

of his

colleagues. The Teacher again told him to delete 5


names. Femi erased his neighbor’s names.

This went on until there were just four names left on


blackboard. These were names of his mother,


wife and the only daughter…

The entire class became silent realizing that this

wasn’t a

game anymore for femi alone.

Now, The Teacher told him to delete two more


It was a very difficult choice for femi. he unwillingly

deleted his parents names. “Please delete one

more” said

the Teacher. Femi became very nervous and with

trembling hands and tears in his eyes he deleted


daughters name. Femi cried painfully…

The Teacher told femi to take his seat.

After a while Teacher asked “why your wife? The


are the ones that nurtured you, and the daughter is


one you gave birth to ??? And you can always find

another wife!!!”

Total silence in the class.

Everyone was curious to know his response. Femi


and slowly said, “One day my parents will pass


before me. My daughter may also leave me when


grows old, for her studies or business or marriage

to live

with her husband or whatever reason. The only one


will truly share her entire life with me, is my wife”.

All the

students stood up and applauded him for sharing


truth of life.

This is true. So always value your life partner, it’s


only for wives but husbands as well.

God has united these two souls and it’s on you now


nurture this relationship above all.

This is one of the best post I’ve read about *MEN*

De Edifier

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This post is not for everybody. It’s for people who wish to get understanding.

★The word “Eden” is an Hebrew word for “where God dwells”, so the first thing God gave man was “His Presence”.

*(1)*So the first thing a man needs is NOT a woman; it is the presence of God, and a woman should meet him in the presence of God. Eve met Adam in Eden.

*(2)*The next thing God gave man after putting him in the Garden was WORK. (Gen. 2:15). God gave man work before giving him a woman. That means a man needs a job before he gets a woman. God’s priorities are very clear.

*(3)*The third thing God told man was “Cultivate”…… Cultivate here means, bring out the best in everything around you, to maximize the potentials of everything and everyone around you; to make everything fruithful. He only said that to the male. That’s why God will never give a man a finished woman. The male was created by God to create whatever he wants. The woman you are looking for doesn’t exist; she’s in your head. Your job is to take the raw material you married and cultivate her into the woman in your head. So you have been married for 20yrs and you still don’t like the product you get, that’s your *fault*.

*(3a)*If your wife is putting a little weight and you don’t like that, don’t criticize her; it’s your job to wake her at 6am, ” Hey baby, let’s go jogging”.

*(3b)*You don’t like her dress? Take her to a boutique and buy her clothes you like.

*(3c)* She can’t speak good English? Send her to school and pay her tuition fee. CULTIVATE HER!!!!

(3d) The woman is a multiplier, an incubator, created to reproduce whatever man gives to her. That’s why you will give her sperm and she gives back to you baby(ies).

Whatsoever you are getting from her as the husband is what you have given her. And she gives it back multiplied. (3d is my addition)

*(4)*The fourth thing God said to man was, “Guard the Garden”. The man has to be the protector of everything under his care. That’s why God gave you a stronger bone frame. A bigger muscle mass, not to abuse the woman, but to protect the woman.

*(5)*The last thing God gave man was his Word… God told man not to touch the tree; God never told the woman about the tree, NEVER!!!….. Which means it was the man WHO received the word of God and his job was to teach his wife the word of God.

*NOTE*: Nothing frustrates a woman like when she asks her man “So what do you think” and the dummy answers “what ever you think is OK”….or keeps quiet. ..Giving Silence…mmmm.

 Don’t do that bro, don’t do that. She’s looking for knowledge and direction. That was the last command God gave to man in Vs 17.

★Now watch this: in verse 18, God said, “It is not good for this man to be alone”. Now, don’t just read the statement fast, read it again slowly, ” it is not good for THIS MAN to be alone”.


Answer : The man who is:

*In his presence

*Has a job (working)

*Can Cultivate you

*Can protect you

*Can teach you.

So here’s the problem:

★ if you meet a man who doesn’t like God’s presence, isn’t working, can’t cultivate you, can’t protect you and can’t teach you, then…..


Full Stop!

Is God Partial?

De Edifier

Eccl 9:11

 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.


Rom 9:13-16

As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.

What shall we say then? Is there unrighteousness with God? God forbid.

For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy.

The New Testament writers are clear as crystal on this: God is not partial, nor should we be. It seems Peter may have thought that Jehovah was partial toward the Jews, but having been instructed through the illustration of the tarpaulin full of all sorts of animals, he told the Gentiles in the house of Cornelius: “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality” (Acts 10:34)AMP VERSION. Peter also tells the Christians to expect fair and even treatment when the Father “without partiality judges according to each one’s work” (1 Pet 1:17)AMP VERSION.


Partiality is “a bias in favor of one thing or person compared with another.”

Paul agrees with Peter regarding God’s offer of mercy to both Jews and Gentiles, as quoted in Romans 2:11 AMP VERSION: “For there is no partiality with God.” He also warns masters to treat their servants even-handedly, “knowing that your own Master also is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him” (Eph 6:9)AMP VERSION. And he warns Timothy, and through him all local church elders: “Those who are sinning rebuke in the presence of all, that the rest also may fear. I charge you before God and the Lord Jesus Christ and the elect angels that you observe these things without prejudice, doing nothing with partiality” (1 Tim 5:20-21) AMP VERSION.

A significant pattern repeated throughout Scripture is seen in the way God bypasses the one born first, who had a right by law, and selects those whose only claim must be the grace of God. Whether Cain and Abel, Ishmael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, Reuben and Judah, or David over his brothers, it seems the one born first was never the firstborn. When old Jacob crossed his arms to bless Ephraim and Manasseh, he was following the pattern that God’s grace had taught him.

If the one born first was chosen, or if the rich and eloquent and mighty were selected, they alone would be able to claim the prize. But if “God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty” (1 Cor 1:27), all a man has to do is discover how weak and foolish he is to qualify!

Impression That Turned Depression Down


Have you ever felt restless? Maybe you feel anxious right now but can’t put your finger on why. I think we’ve all experienced it, not realizing this feeling can come from the fact that we’re not content with our life. We think we’re missing something, so we begin to search for it. Maybe it’s from a lack of fulfillment at work or happiness in a relationship or satisfaction at home. Unfortunately, a lot of times we look in all the wrong places for something to fill our empty spaces. Some people look to food while others look to alcohol or drugs. Some try to find meaning and purpose through other people’s lives on social media.

“Nothing creates a future like a revelation of who you are and what Jesus did for us. Therefore, anybody who is truly sold out to God will have a future without sweat. “Those who hook up to the word will control the affairs and destiny of the world.You will supernaturally stand out in life. Daniel 11:32. You are the next in line for a dramatic change of level”

Beloved, You may be trying to fix a situation that’s not changing, but God may be using that situation to Fix YOU! Jonah was angry with God for having mercy on Nineveh, even though he received the same mercy when he was in the belly of the whale. It’s interesting how Jonah could see the wickedness of Nineveh, but he couldn’t see himself! He had a healthy perception of God, he knew that God was good, kind, merciful and full of compassion. He was counting on God’s mercy, as if he were saying “I know you see me, but you’re not going to do anything to me.” Are you investing a lot of time and energy to change something that’s not changing? Maybe God is using that very thing to change you, it’s called Resistance Training! God wasn’t using Jonah to fix Nineveh, He used Nineveh to fix Jonah!  (Jonah 4:1-11)

Chim Merem Obi Oma (My God Has Made Me Glad)


2 Chronicles 14:11 And Asa cried unto the LORD his God, and said, LORD, it is nothing with thee to help, whether with many, or with them that have no power: help us, O LORD our God; for we rest on thee, and in thy name we go against this multitude. O LORD, thou art our God; let not man prevail against thee.

Job 36:22 Behold, God exalteth by his power: who teacheth like him?

2 Samuel 22:33 God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way perfect.

Listen friends, it takes God nothing to help a man. If a man as experienced as Job in the school of hardship, lack and suffering says that truly our God EXALTS, then get set cos you’re next on the line. In this season, God is set to send you HELP, STRENGTH, and FAVOUR by His mighty POWER. Get ready for all things are getting better for your sake from today in Jesus name.

Can you see it

I see it…