My love, when you are troubled, may I be your haven of peace that you can run to for shelter.

When you have had a bad day, may you find in me a confidant and a comforter. May I be the first person you tell the good and the bad.

When your position at work or the success of your business is threatened, may you find it easy to talk to me instead of hiding it from me.

When you doubt God exists, may I share with you my faith and encourage you in the Lord.

When you struggle to pray, may you bring your wounds and I cover you in prayer.

When all you want is a hug and assurance, may I read your body language and let my arms hold you.

When you are not doing well financially, may you never see yourself as a failure or think I will leave you. May we both find solutions for our financially secure future.

When you have a headache, may I not add to it. May I learn when to talk about issues and when to wait and focus on attending to your well being.

When you begin to doubt yourself, when you self esteem dips; may I remind you of who you are you, may I not join the friends, family, relatives and naysayers who pull you down.

When your health fails you, may you depend on me. May you never think I will leave you at your lowest.

When you make a mistake big or small, may you learn to apologise and I learn to forgive. May I not judge you or make it difficult for you to rise back up.

When our children fail to show you appreciation, may I teach them to honour you. May I see you not as competition but as a co-parent.

When doors open for you, may I celebrate you, may you see in me your greatest fan and support system. I am not jealous of you or insecure about your growth, I am happy for you even when you succeed more than me or before me. We are a team.

When what you need is silence and some time to yourself, may I respect that. May I give you your space to think and gather your thoughts without me bringing drama. May you see that I understand you as an individual.

When we have an argument, may I seperate the issue from our long standing love. May I not cancel out all the good you have been to me because of a misunderstanding and may I be easy to work with in sorting out the issues and protecting what we have.

When you are sexually aroused, may I give you pleasure. May I please you and take care of you.

When you doubt how sexy you are, may I, the only one who gets to enjoy you, show you that you are my kind of sexy and I love making love to you.

When we both are down, may we remember that it just a season and not a reason for us to quit on our love. Each marriage will have each’s challenges, we will weather the storm and pull through this. I won’t give up on you, please don’t give up on me; on us.