Lord, reveal to me the wrongs I do to my spouse and help me to change.

Keep me from squandering our family wealth and teach me how to grow and manage the family wealth.

Teach me how to love my spouse better today than I did yesterday.

Help me to be a good role model and example to our children.

Keep me from entertaining my friends while hurting my spouse.

Help me to understand the opposite gender, my spouse and I are both created in your image.

Keep me from flirting or leading on others; let me focus my energy and romance at home.

Teach me not only to be sexually faithful, but emotionally faithful too.

Use me to help my spouse fulfill purpose. I will not stand in the way of my spouse’s destiny.

Keep my ears from listening to gossip about my spouse and my mouth from joining others to talk ill about my spouse.

When my spouse wrongs me, give me the grace to forgive. When I wrong my spouse, give me the humility to ask for forgiveness.

Teach me how to sexually satisfy my spouse. We will not only be faithful, we will also enjoy being faithful.

Hold my tongue when I am about to speak something hurtful in a moment of anger.

When our faith is weak as a couple, increase our faith.

Crown our marriage with good communication and pleasant memories.

When my parents disrespect my spouse, give me the wisdom to honourably disagree with them and to teach them how to love my spouse.

Make my heart teachable to listen to the counsel and correction of my spouse.

Protect our home from thieves, evil spirits, haters and above all; from each other… because when we love each other, we are each other’s biggest blessing; when we fight each other, we are each other’s greatest pain.

I need You.

We need You Lord!