I Can’t wait to get my wife pregnant one day so I can accompany her to her doctor’s appointments,

Rub her tummy, massage her when she gets her cramps, Help her with laundry, Take long walks together so she can exercise, When she’s having mood swings I’ll make jokes and sing her favorite song, Cook for her some vegetable soup, Buy her fruits and vegetables, Keep her company by watching her favorite series and movies, kiss her and crack some jokes for her, tell her that she is even more beautiful with a big tummy, 🤣🤣make sure that she always sleep first before, and when she is due, I will take her to the hospital myself hold her hands and beg her to be strong for me and bring our baby out safely.

What’s more than true LOVE?

Whats more than showing your wife care, Whats more than accepting your


Any lady that can be pregnant for you deserves your absolute respect, Love & undivided attention, She sacrificed a lot for you, She goes through a lot because of you Just because she loves you she endangered her health so tell me what you can do for that lady to ever repay her.

Just love her and be with her through whatever.

She is a lady who deserves all your all in all, So treat her as a QUEEN during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy till the end of the end.