If there is one thing a good man is scared of, is a toxic woman.

I used to be scared of women.

I watched how my mother used to shout and talk down at my dad. I love her, but how she treated him was unfair. He sacrificed so much for us, but my mom ran him to the ground. He aged quickly, he tried his best to tolerate the noise at home. Loving peace, dad sought to be the bigger man, never raising a finger to try and silence her “This is the woman I chose for myself despite her flaws” dad used to say. I prayed never to get a wife like my mother.

I used to be scared of women.

I saw how good men have been used and abused by selfish women. I have seen men going out of their way to do things for a woman out of love, but she is only leading him on to be taken care of.

I used to be scared of women.

I have heard stories of beautiful and seductive women playing multiple men, starting a flame with a man to get something out of him and them leave him burning.

I used to be scared of women.

I have heard with my ears and read online what some women say about men and it is scary. The intensity of the hate they have for men is frightening. I have heard some married women talk rubbish about marriage.

I used to be scared of women.

I have heard stories of husbands being kicked out of their homes, being abused and insulted day in day out by bitter wives. I have come to the rescue of so many good men regretting why they got married. They feel stuck with a wife who is unbearable now that they have children.

I used to be scared of women.

I have watched my brothers and uncles become a shadow of the men they used to be, marriage made them dull and lose the zeal for life. It is hard to enjoy life when you go home each night to a toxic environment.

I used to be scared of women.

I have passed by bars and parking spots in the estates and seen men being anywhere but home, not because they want to, they are avoiding stress and high blood pressure.

I used to be scared of women.

I have seen good men seeing the need to toughen up because they are with a wife who competes with them, attacks them and is rude to them. I made a vow that a woman will never change me into a monster.

I used be scared of women, until I met you.

You have shown me that good women still exist.

You are not a toxic woman, you are a healed woman. You have healed from the pain of your childhood and what your exes before me did to you.

You are a mature woman, you know how to talk to me, you love peace, you make me feel safe. You don’t order me to come home to you, you invite me to your presence. Because you treat me well, I miss you when I am far from you and can’t wait to reconnect.

You are not out to use me, but to grow with me. You are not after my money, you are pursuing purpose with me as we create our joint wealth.

You know you are beautiful but you don’t use your beauty as a weapon or to lure other men yet you already have me. You protect your beauty, just for me.

You don’t use your femininity to get away with bad behaviour, you own up to your mistakes and when I wrong you, I can’t help but receive your correction because it comes with love.

I am not scared when I sleep next to you, I don’t question what you have put in my food. You have allayed my fears. You honour our marriage.

There are so many good men out there suffering in the hands of bad women, I am fortunate not to be one of them.

You are a treasure. I do not regret making you my wife. I pray that our daughter will be just like you