“Aaah. Aah! Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Please!” His wife screamed.

He frantically woke up from his sleep.

“Honey! Honey!” He woke her up nudging her.

She suddenly woke up. It was a nightmare.

“Are you OK?” He asked her.

She hugged him tightly. Scared.

“Why do I keep having these dreams?” She asked.

He rubbed her back saying, “It will be OK. It was just a dream”

He laid her head on the pillow.

He laid his head down too.

“Why do they keep happening yet I believe in God? Am I cursed?” she asked.

“No, don’t say that” he told her.

“Honey, I love you but please don’t say no just to make feel good. I believe there is God and there is evil too. God has not given us a spirit of fear so anything that brings fear, including these nightmares is not from God” she spoke further.

“Honey, spiritual warfare. Let’s go on spiritual warfare. Perhaps this is spiritual” he agreed with her.

“Perhaps the dreams are just a manifestation of something going on in the spirit. No, we are believers; good sleep, peace and joy should be our portion” she said with passion in her voice.

“You know what love, even as believers, we have taken care of the financial needs, the emotional, sexual, material, social and professional needs of our marriage and life; but we haven’t paid much attention to the spiritual component of our marriage” he said.

“What do you mean?” Asked she.

“There are things like generational patterns that we haven’t dealt with. Maybe our parents or ancestors got into spiritual ties or behaviours that run down the family tree that we need to denounce. Maybe the mess that was in my father’s or your father’s household was part of that. Look at the chaos in the homes you and I come from, you and I will not inherit such chaos. Our home will stand, our marriage will last unlike that of our parents. Any witchcraft or evil designed against us will be defeated” he said.

“You know what my love. You are right. Dare I say even spiritual ties that we might have gotten ourselves into by having sex with other people before we met each other, we need to pray against those too. Maybe these nightmares I am having come from a man I slept with before you. Alot of spiritual energy gets transferred during sexual intercourse. Sex is also spiritual” she added.

He continued, “And even this home we are living in, we just moved in and started living in it. We didn’t dedicate it to the Lord. We don’t even know what spiritual energies the people who lived here before us had. Spirits are also geographical, any evil spirit that has an altar built here, that altar tonight we are breaking”

“Amen” agreed the wife.

They held hands.

He prayed, “Lord, we have ancestors and family members who did not know You. We pray against any pact, covenant or seal that was entered into by our ancestors or our parents. We cast away any evil head that has raised itself in the spiritual realms to terrorize us and our family. Set our children free. Any agreement that our ancestors got into we cut it off. We cover ourselves with the blood of Jesus. No evil word spoken to us shall work. No weapon formed against us shall prosper. No plan meant to steal, kill, destroy or delay us, our dreams, our purpose or our destiny will succeed. In Jesus’ name we pray.”

“Amen!” Said both of them.

She continued, “Lord, we continue in prayer. We confess our sins, even our sins of the past. If there is any evil sexual attachment tied to us, we reject it. If anything was transmitted to us by a sexual partner, we clean our inner being. Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit. We reject any soul tie, any principality that causes affairs, lust, conflicts or restlessness in Jesus name”

They both said “Amen”

He prayed, “Lord, we dedicate this physical house to You. Every room we cover with the blood of Jesus. You will reign in this geographical area. We send away any hovering spirit that has a base here. We separate ourselves from any ungodly activity that was practiced here before we moved in. We break every altar raised here that is not Yours. This is God’s territory. Evil is not allowed. In Jesus’ name we pray”

They both said, “Amen”

The husband and wife kissed.

They played some worship music and slept peacefully. Victory is theirs.

She has never had those recurring nightmares again.

Are you addressing the spiritual component of your marriage and family?