Dreams about water can have many different interpretations depending on –

  • How we interact with the water.
  • How we feel during and after the dream.
  • What type of water appears in our dream. A clear ocean, a fast moving river, a swampland, a swimming pool, or a lake, will all have different associated meanings.
  • What objects and people are in the water dream.

1. How we interact with the water

There are many ways with which we can interact with water. Different actions, have different purposes and effect, and therefore a different meaning.

Positive interactions –

  • Swimming in water indicates that we have a new goal or destination that we are moving toward. We could be finding a new direction in life, starting school, moving, or changing jobs. Swimming with the current, shows that our journey is going well, and we are happy and confident with our circumstances. Swimming against the current, signals that we are having difficulties and have to work hard to move forward. Being carried away by the current, suggests that the journey is too challenging, and we are no longer sure that we can reach our goals. In this case, we may want to re-evaluate our future and current actions.
  • Diving into water can signify a need to delve into our own emotions, needs, actions, and inner psyche. Alternatively, we may be trying to understand the goals and intentions of someone close to us, or how to solve a current work issue.
  • Crossing a body of water captures a yearning for freedom, independence, and change. We are moving from what was known and safe, to what is new and not constrained by old rules and old doubts.
  • Playing or frolicking in water signals the awakening of a new love or a new passion. We could be looking forward to a new relationship, a new work project, or learning a new skill.
  • Walking on water suggests that we are in control and are confident that we can face whatever challenges are currently in our life.
  • Listening to water shows a need for reflection, and to be at peace with our emotions.
  • Pouring water on someone else may mean that we are helping a friend recover, helping her embark on a new journey, or offering her new opportunities and blessings.
  • Drinking water from a water fountain, cooler, spring, or other nourishing source, suggests that we are seeking to be refreshed and renewed. On the other hand, drinking dirty water implies a fear of getting sick, continuing sickness, or some other contamination of the body and mind.

Negative interactions –

  • Drowning, rising water, or being swallowed up by a stormy sea indicates anxiety, dread, or a feeling of being overwhelmed by external forces. We could be experiencing a lot of stress from work, from our friends and relatives, or from our current environment and circumstance. We may have lost our job, lost someone we love, and may feel that we no longer have control of our emotions or our life.
  • Breathing under water suggests a wish to return to the womb, in particular, a need for safety, security, and freedom from responsibilities. We may be facing difficult issues in life and be overburdened by commitments, therefore we are looking to return to a simpler and safer place.
  • Bailing out water is a signal of future troubles or difficulties, which we have currently forestalled with hard work and effort. However, there is uncertainty as to whether we can hold-off the coming tide.
  • Looking or thirsting for water may mean that recent setbacks or current life experiences (e.g. work, health, relationships), have left us feeling empty and depleted. Therefore, we are looking to be refueled or reborn. We need to take time to nurture ourselves.
  • Falling into water captures a feeling of momentary helplessness, of not being in control, regrets on mistakes made, and possible unpleasant consequences.
  • Splashed by water symbolizes a wake up call. We need to focus, get our thoughts straight, and stop living in self-denial or self-delusion. Otherwise, we may end up in a dead-end job, a bad relationship, or a life full of regrets.
  • Throwing water at others suggests the onset of an emotional outburst, or the need to show more emotion. Getting water thrown at us, indicates that we may be the target of someone else’s anger or strong emotion.

2. How do we feel during and after the water dream

  • Feeling bold and laughing at the stormy sea indicates that we are ready to meet adversity, we are ready to transition into something new, we are confident we can sail through the difficult circumstances, and come out victorious on the other side.
  • Feeling anxious and fearful of the water is a signal that we are afraid of the unknown. We may be unsure of the direction to take on a vast trackless body of water, or we may feel that we have no control of where our life is taking us.
  • Feeling calm and peaceful about the water captures our feelings of safety, security, and contentment while in our mother’s womb. We feel safe in our current situation, our work life is progressing smoothly, and the people and environment surrounding us gives us peace.

3. What type of water appears in our dream

The type of water in our dream is also significant. In particular –

a) Size and depth of the water

  • Large or deep bodies of water (ocean, lake, or well) indicate the unknown, hidden secrets, uncertainty, and greater danger.
  • Small and shallow bodies of water (a pond, swimming pool or puddle) are safe, familiar, and known. Even if they are associated with negative emotions and actions, they are more of a nuisance or minor setback, rather than a life changing phenomenon.

b) Condition of the water

  • Clear water indicates confidence, clarity in thinking, or that we are in tune with our spirituality.
  • Still or calm water shows that we are at peace, or that we are seeking peace and relaxation.
  • Murky or stagnant water, for example in a swamp or bog, is a sign of apathy and depression. We may feel lost, that our life is going nowhere, that we will never find love, or that our achievements are meaningless. We may be struggling with negative emotions, and find it difficult to take positive action, or indeed any action at all. Fog, is perhaps a weaker symbol, which indicates that we are having trouble reaching clarity, or taking action.
  • Ice represents repressed emotions, or some disturbing past experience that still haunts us. Melting ice signals that we are ready to face our past or childhood trauma, and start unraveling our repressed emotions.
  • Falling water, for example standing in the rain, under a shower, or in a waterfall denotes a cleansing or need for self-renewal. We may need to heal emotional scars or let go of pent-up emotions, that is causing us sadness and pain.
  • Fast moving water, for example in a river, may signify that our life or emotional landscape is changing too quickly. Similarly, boiling water indicates emotional turmoil and great stress.
  • Tsunamis, tidal waves, storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other acts of God captures a strong sense of being overwhelmed by events that are beyond our control. They may also suggest a hidden guilt or sin, that is greatly weighing on our psyche. We may feel that we need to be, or are going to be punished.

4. What is in the water

Finally, the objects or people related to our water dream can also be significant.

  • Boats, jet skis, water skis, water floats, and other objects that give us the ability to stay on top of the water, suggests self-confidence. In general, objects that provide us with more control and more speed, signify greater belief in ourselves and our actions. For example, speed boats and jet skis > sail boats > row boats > paddle boats > water floats.
  • Hose, faucets, or other objects that allow us to control the direction and flow of water, also suggests that we are in control, and have the emotional fortitude to take charge of our life and actions.
  • Other people swimming in the water with us, helping us get to the surface, or helping us get to shore, indicates that we have support from friends and family in our current troubles. On the other hand, being held back or pushed down into the water, suggests that we have enemies or competitors, who are trying to sabotage or impede our progress.
  • Fish and other sea creatures can have a variety of meanings. Mermaids and fantastical sea animals, show a need for change or an urge to escape into a different life. Being attacked by sharks, alligators, or sea monsters, implies that we are feeling harried in many aspects of our life, or that we are worried about embarking on something new and unknown. Observing fish and other sea life from a distance, represents a feeling or indifference, and an unwillingness to explore or to engage in the happenings of our life.
  • Barriers in the water or hitting some impediment, signals some complication that is preventing us from reaching our goal. We may be unwilling to take some risk, unable to commit to some action, or make a required sacrifice.
  • Familiar objects under water implies that we have repressed or hidden feelings related to those objects. We may feel reluctant to examine or confront those memories.
  • Water lily is a symbol of grief and separation. It indicates feelings of sorrow and bereavement.

What Is the Meaning of My Water Dream

Dreams are made of symbols. The interpretation of dreams involve identifying which symbols are important in our dream, and then translating what they each mean to us.

Some symbols have broader cultural significance, while others may have narrower meanings, or may pertain to specific experiences that are special or unique to us. Therefore, dream interpretation is partly a study of symbology, and partly a study of self.

In this article, we examine many of the broader meanings of water, in its various forms and contexts. However, always be aware that our personal experiences and histories also play a very big role.

To fully understand the meaning of our water dreams, we must not only understand the cultural significance of water, but also be brave enough to look into ourselves, and read what it signifies to our soul.