1. Both man and woman can romance and seduce

2. Both romance and seduction are intentional

3. Both romance and seduction can be abused when you do it to the wrong people and out of the confines God intended

4. Both romance and seduction nourish the bond between man and woman (in marriage)

5. Both romance and seduction bring feelings of deception and hurt when the one you are doing it with realises you are doing it with another. The expectation is that it is exclusive

6. Both romance and seduction can be done over the phone

7. Both romance and seduction can work together

8. Both romancing and seducing bring excitement

9. Both romance and seduction need control because some people end up doing it with anyone. Some people get a kick out of leading on multiple people through romance and seduction. This habit is devouring, misleading, selfish and dangerous

10. Both romance and seduction can use words, actions, touch or the eyes

11. Both romance and seduction are Godly “Enjoy the wife of your youth”, “Abraham knew his wife”, the Book of Song of Songs is full of romance

12. Both romance and seduction can be hijacked by lust and be made cheap, casual and addictive leading to hurt


1. Romancing is making someone feel special, connected and that you are excited to be with them. Seduction is enticing someone in order to sexually tease them, sexually please them or prepare them to sexually please you

2. Romance involves looking at someone with warm eyes, complimenting someone’s looks, a touch on someone’s hand or skin to show that you are close, singing to someone a song to express your feelings, writing a sweet love letter or text message, praying for someone a special prayer to tell God how much that person means to you in their presence, going out on intimate dates where you two blush and feel valued, kissing on the forehead or cheeks, dressing up to go spend sometime, cuddling, doing couple things. Again, this should be done by both man and woman.

3. Seduction involves looking at each other with bedroom eyes, telling someone “I want you”, sexting, sending each other nudes to say “This sugar is waiting for you at home Honey” (some married couples do this), touching someone where you know they will get sexually aroused like nipples, singing to each other baby making music, blowing to each other’s ears as you say “Touch me”, spanking, making out, whining, poking your butt or dancing on your spouse, wearing lingerie, massaging, undressing your spouse, stripping for your spouse, stroking with your fingers on your spouse’s skin, speaking with that suggestive voice (the lady speaks with a breathy voice as if she is moaning, the man speaks with this deep voice to show her “I can please you”), kissing passionately, showing off cleavage, walking naked, asking your spouse to join you in the shower, any activity to get him hard and to get her wet. Both husband and wife ought to seduce each other because both want to feel wanted and desired. It’s such a turn on to know that your spouse finds you sexy. In marriage, don’t just lay there like a brick, SEDUCE SEDUCE SEDUCE!