VICTOR is taking an adventure into the REALM OF THE SUPERNATURAL

I thank God that before I knew vanity, I knew DIVINITY

It takes a strong man to know that there is a vacuum that God will fill

  • Every need answers to a miracle
  • Every challenge bows to a wonder
  • Every situation surrender to a sign

The wall of Jericho stood heavy and impregnable

  • Man without God is an empty barrel
  • I have seen lots of emptiness as I journey
  • It’s only a fool that says there is no God (Psalm 53:1
  • Inside them is a vacuum that only God can fill


– A pleasure in STEWARDSHIP makes God take pleasure concerning the matters of your life –> It is the vital pathway to colourful Christianity!- Only God can give you honour that will last therefore we must endeavour to be faithful servants to obtain this . – Spiritual investment gives birth to a great harvest of everlasting rewards!


1)For signs and Wonders- Your Christianity has no point if there is no proof!- The power of God is to be present everywhere the gospel is preached.

2)For the reign of the miracle working wordIt is fundamental for believers to reach out & minister to the lost!- Every Christian is ordained a preacher and a tireless soul-winner.- Every man is rewarded according to his own labour!


1)Quick rewards

2)Supernatural breakthroughs

3)Commands of Signs & Wonders- It takes the ZEAL of the Lord to remain steadfast in stewardship.The Spirit of God acts as a driving force.- Every covenant to serve God puts an an end to any life crisis and enables all round rest within man. God is a NOW God therefore have faith & don’t give permission for any issue to stay.APPLICATIONS OF FAITH;- Have faith in God- Believe in his Word- Believe in his instruments e.g. the anointing

I believe everyone has experienced next levels of command of the supernatural in the course of the month of May; and may the impact of each one’s encounter last for a lifetime in Jesus’ name. Amen.But what is the Spirit of the Lord saying for the month of June 2015?According to the word of the Lord, the midst of the year, which includes the months of June and July, is a season of spiritual awakening ordained to usher us into next levels of grace and glory, launching us into our high places in life – Hab. 3:2-19/ Hag. 2:1-9But we also discover that the key to experiencing the wonders of the midst of the year is to work for the Lord – Hag. 2:1-4
We must recognize that:v Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from the Word and doing it – Matt. 7:24-25v Serving God is God’s wisdom for our desired change of story – Lk. 5:1-8v A covenant to serve God and the pursuit of same is gateway to a world of rest and fulfilment – 2Chr. 15:12-15/19v Serving God does not only pay but pays the most – Ex. 23:25-26v Serving God and the interests of His kingdom guarantees access to a world of breakthroughs – Gen. 22:16-18/ Ps. 112:1-3v Serving the interests of the kingdom as a lifestyle turns a believer to a living wonder – Jn. 14:21/ Rom. 8:28/35-38/ 1Cor. 2:9v But one does not need to be a pastor to be a servant of God – Is. 41:8/ Job 1:8-10/ Dan. 6:20-22v A servant is simply one who is committed to serving the interests of his master.v For whomsoever one yield himself to obey, his servant he is whom he obeys – Rom. 6:16v For instance, Jesus commanded, ‘seek first, the wellbeing, advancement and enlargement of the kingdom and all these things that others are dying to get shall be added to you’ – Matt. 6:33v Therefore, God is not looking for who to use but who to bless– Ex. 23:25-26/ Job 36:11

But we serve God in 2 main ways among others:§  By praying kingdom-promotion, advancement and enlargement prayersü Anna was seeking God in prayers and fasting day and night in the temple – Lk. 2:37ü Jesus taught us to pray and on top of the list is ‘thy kingdom come’– Matt. 6:9-10/33§  Reaching out to the lostü By redemption, we are ordained to bring forth fruits and that our fruits should abide – Jn. 15:16ü Going to the high ways and hedges and compelling men and women in their numbers to come into the house of God – Lk. 14:16-23/ Jn. 15:8
Although in all labour there is profit but spiritual stewardship, that is, spiritual investment in terms of prayers and reaching out to the lost, bringing them to church and see them established is the most profitable of all engagements in the kingdom – Matt. 6:6/ Lk. 18:28-30
Returns on Spiritual Stewardship among others include:*Divine Health – 2Cor. 5:20/ Pro. 13:17     *Supernatural Breakthroughs – Lk. 5:1-7*Express answers to prayers-Jn. 15:16     *Supernatural fruitfulness – Ex. 23:26-26*Divine Favour – Ps. 102:13-15                   *Divine Honour – Pro. 14:28/ 1Sam. 2:30*Long-life – Jn. 15:1-2/ Ps. 90:10                *Command of Signs and Wonders – Lk. 10:17-19/ Mk. 16:20
Remember also that we serve a God of ‘set times’ and this midst of the year is our ordained set time for a Heaven on Earth order of change of levels in the winners’ family worldwide and so shall it be. Amen – Gen. 21:1-2/ Eccl. 3:11/ 1Kgs. 8:15/23/ Josh. 21:45