YOU: God, I am tired. I have tried everything but it feels like my marriage is coming to an end

GOD: I hear you My child

YOU: You hear me? How comes it feels like you’ve abandoned me? I have tried to talk to my spouse, counselling, threatening my spouse I will leave, I have involved my parents, my pastor, I have done it all but it’s like things are getting worse. My marriage is collapsing

GOD: Have you tried everything?

YOU: Yes. And I am tired. I am losing it

GOD: Why don’t you try to be still

YOU: Be still?

GOD: Yes, be still and know that I am God. Stop fighting for your marriage, let Me do it for you

YOU: What do you mean?

GOD: When you want something really bad, you will push it and force it and then you get frustrated when things don’t work your way. When you try too hard, you mess it up

YOU: So I don’t do anything?

GOD: Yes, don’t tell your spouse about your issues, stop complaining over and over to your spouse why things aren’t changing as fast, stop putting goals. Just let go

YOU: I let go and let God?

GOD: Yes. Don’t insist on anything. Don’t push your spouse, just focus on building you. Focus on Me. Worship Me, praise Me, spend time with Me. Get back your glow, stop looking so defeated. You’ve been focusing so much on the mess in your marriage that you don’t not how much you’ve neglected yourself. Find your peace in Me as an individual. Fix your eyes on Me

YOU: But my spouse, our issues

GOD: Relax, I know your spouse better than you, leave your spouse to Me. You get right with yourself and with Me

YOU: This is weird. The way to save my marriage is not to fight for my marriage?

GOD: Yes, that’s what trusting in Me means. I want to teach you there is more to your life than your marriage. When you give me your all and stop trying to play God, I in return will align things in order, including your marriage

YOU: I surrender all to You. Everything I give to You my God. Withholding nothing