HUSBAND: God, can we talk?

GOD: Sure

HUSBAND: Am I a good husband?

GOD: Good question my son

HUSBAND: When I wedded the woman You gave me, I told You that every Anniversary I will be coming back to You to give an account of how I have loved her. I am sorry I haven’t given an account for the last four years. I am sorry, forgive me

GOD: I forgive you

HUSBAND: So, am I a good husband? I can be biased towards myself and claim I am, but I want Your verdict. I seek to know how I weigh in Your scale of a good husband

GOD: Sometimes you please Me, other times you’ve grieved Me

HUSBAND: How so, my Maker?

GOD: You try your best to provide for your family. You work hard. You are building a vision for your home. But I am concerned. You have started to tolerate lust in you by looking at other women, you don’t give your wife time, in fact, you talk to her anyhow, you have become puffed up with pride out of all your success, you repel correction and you are slowly failing to play your leadership role in your family. You’ve become comfortable with telling lies

HUSBAND: Honestly, all You have said I confirm. Can You please help me to be and do better?

GOD: Yes, I have always been there for you. It is you who drifts away like you have done these past few years. Come back to being the husband you used to be. Draw nearer to Me and I will draw nearer to you

HUSBAND: I want to love my wife. I want to be the best husband and father I can be. When I drift away from You I struggle

GOD: No need to go it alone

HUSBAND: Thank You my Lord, for keeping me accountable

One day we will give an account for our lives. For the married, they will give an account of how they treated their spouse and children. Is the Lord pleased with you? Be accountable