1. Be consistent. Don’t speak good to her only when you want pleasure or sex

2. Words are powerful to a woman. Don’t withhold your words of love saying “You are a man who loves through actions”. Love her in words and deeds

3. Don’t speak to her as if you are ordering her. Suggest, request, kindly ask; it makes her feel special and enjoy doing it for you

4. Be a man of details. Pay attention to the information she shares, show her you care

5. Find a special name to call her “Hun, Darling, Queen” a name that shows how special she is to you, not just the mother of your children

6. Don’t shout at her. It scares her yet you are her protector

7. Don’t talk to her as if you look down on her. If she doesn’t know about a subject matter, lovingly teach her

8. Talk to her about her emotions, dreams, life, jokes; not just chores and responsibilities. She wants to connect with you

9. Talk to her as often as you can; don’t deprive her of someone to talk to. She will feel rejected

10. Ask for her thoughts about the matter. Make her feel involved in your life