1. It affirms to your spouse “Even in this new day, I love you”

2. It starts the day with the right tone and warmth

3. It is a good work out, makes your blood run after hours of rest

4. It releases feel good hormones that carry on through out the day

5. It is an opportunity to make a new memory as a couple that will stick in your mind through out the day

6. It eclipses any mess or dryness of yesterday, if yesterday you two were not OK

7. It makes conversations that follow after easier to have

8. It allays any doubts in your spouse as you two part for the day. Some spouse’s wonder “Am I still loved?” because they can’t remember the last time they were touched

9. It charges you up for the day. Your performance at work will be better

10. It reduces the power of temptation. After you have been sexually satisfied by your spouse in the morning before you leave the house, it is difficult to desire another out there