1. Polygamy often starts with a lie where the wife is married thinking she will be the only one, then in marriage, the man says he has to marry a second wife due to culture. Monogamy is the man staying consistent to the vision he painted for the woman at the beginning

2. Monogamy helps the two know each other deeply and be more vulnerable

3. Monogamy keeps the two focused on each other. You don’t have to separate yourself into schedules to attend to multiple people

4. Monogamy makes the woman more secure, she doesn’t have to share her husband with another. When a woman feels secure, she invests her all

5. Monogamy makes the man more relaxed. He doesn’t need to be different things to different women

6. Monogamy gives the children more stability and uninterrupted time with both parents, not fractions of time

7. Monogamy makes both man and woman settled since there is no other person to compare oneself to

8. Monogamy makes life easy for the man since he doesn’t need to tell off the wives when they mistreat each other

9. Monogamy fosters companionship since it is not just about roles and responsibilities

10. Monogamy encourages the two to work on their marriage since getting another person to be happier is not an option

11. Monogamy avoids resentment. Many first wives who stay in polygamous marriage do it not out of choice but more so for the children, as they harbour resentment within

12. Monogamy reminds the man that his value in a family is not just provision. Many men choose polygamy as they get wealthier because they can afford it. The other women they choose, tend to come on board to be taken care of. The man is caught up in between, dealing with negative energy from disgruntled women, his ego can’t allow him to acknowledge it is not going right, he pushes himself to make it work as him, the women and most of all the children deal with the consequences

13. The two get to become one in every way: spiritually, sexually, financially, emotionally. You can’t be one with multiple people