In ministry, what subjects maximum isn’t the container, however the content. “Remember, our Message isn’t approximately ourselves; we are proclaiming Jesus Christ, the Master. All we’re is messengers, errand runners from Jesus for you. It commenced while God stated, ‘Light up the darkness!’ and our lives stuffed up with mild as we noticed and below stood God withinside the face of Christ, all shiny and beautiful.

“If you simplest study us, you may nicely leave out the brightness. We deliver this valuable Message round withinside the unadorned clay pots of our regular lives. That’s to save you all and sundry from puzzling God’s incomparable strength with us. As it’s miles, there may be now no longer tons risk of that. You recognize for yourselves that we are now no longer tons to study” (2 Cor. 4:5-7, The Message).

As a minister, I actually have an peculiar task. Don’t misunderstand I love it. But it’s miles an peculiar task, and this is due to the 2 realities Paul states withinside the above passage.


The first fact seems in those words: “Our Message isn’t approximately ourselves; we are proclaiming Jesus Christ, the Master” (2 Cor. 4:6, The Message).

In 2 Corinthians, Paul defends his name to apostleship. Some have depreciated his name to ministry, thinking his apostolic credentials, so he addresses the issue. In so doing, he speaks to any referred to as to ministry: “This name to ministry isn’t approximately us, it is approximately a person else.” This is the opposite of what’s normally the case in expert life. Ministry, there fore, is an peculiar task, first of all, due to the fact it is an upside-down task.

It’s upside right all the way down to the manner we usually do things. We say, “If you do not cope with yourself, no person will.” Our international is percent marked with the aid of using shameless self-promotion. In the arena we paintings to strengthen our personal agendas, now no longer the ones of different human beings.

Throughout his soccer career, Deion Sanders turned into a flashy, brassy personality. A even as returned, Sanders, a Christian, said that the placement he performs at the soccer subject have to be renamed. Instead of calling it “cornerback,” Deion says that he has so redefined the manner this role is performed that it have to be referred to as with the aid of using his name. In different words, while a expert soccer scout asks a potential participant, “What role do you play?” the participant should not respond, “I play cornerback.” No, says Sanders, the participant have to now certainly answer, “I play Deion!” Maybe that is simply a part of his act. Most might by no means be so brazen. Yet all of us are tempted to self-promotion. Even our maximum noble accomplishments come from combined motives. But Paul says, “We do now no longer pontificate ourselves. We pontificate Christ.” In fact, we are certainly errand runners, handing over messages for the King.

D. M. Canright turned into a talented however vacillating and risky preacher in early Adventism. During the summer time season and fall of 1880, in conjunction with some of college students from Battle Creek College, Canright attended Professor Hamill’s School of Oratory in Chicago. Canright and his buddies sought to fine-song their increase ing oratorical abilities so they might talk the gospel extra efficiently withinside the pulpit.

Each scholar turned into assigned a critic. Canright’s instructor and critic turned into D.W. Reavis. During the time they spent together, they have become pretty nicely acquainted.

A talented speaker, Canright turned into invited to evangelise in lots of Chicago churches. Reavis attended to investigate his software of oratorical principles. Canright turned into so carried out that invites flowed in, and ultimately he usual invites simplest from the most important and maximum famous churches.

One Sunday night time he addressed extra than 3,000 human beings in the most important church at the westside of Chicago. When he finished, human beings mobbed him, thanking, praising, and lauding him. It took a while for the gang to disperse in order that Canright and Reavis should go away.

Finally, at a overdue hour, they went to a park wherein Reavis should provide his criticisms and guidelines. But he have been so absorbed in Canright’s presentation of Bible reality that he had no criticisms to provide, no guidelines to extend. They talked for a even as, while abruptly Canright sprang to his toes. “D.W.” he stated, “I accept as true with I should grow to be a first-rate guy had been it now no longer for our unpopular message.” Reavis replied,

“D.M., the message made you all you are, and the day you go away it, you may retrace your steps returned to wherein it discovered you.”

Canright’s wish? “If I should do my personal thing, be the supply of the missive and now no longer simply the errand runner, I should grow to be first-rate!” But Paul steps in and says, “We do now no longer pontificate ourselves. We pontificate Christ.” We’re handing over mes sages for the King. In this task, we do not sell ourselves. In fact, the complete task is set Someone else.


Paul provides a second fact approximately the ministry of the gospel that warns us that it is an peculiar task. Not simplest is it an upside-down task; it takes vicinity in an internal-out international. He says: “But we’ve this treasure in jars of clay to reveal that this all-surpassing strength is from God and now no longer from us.” This task isn’t approximately the package, however approximately what is withinside the package. It’s now no longer approximately the jar of clay, however approximately the treasure withinside the jar. In the arena of ministry, the price of what’s finished can not be judged with the aid of using what it looks as if at the outside, due to the fact it’s miles what is at the internal that counts.

My spouse turned into touring abroad. While passing thru customs at her port of entry, the agent checked out her suitcase thru X-ray equipment, after which stated to her, “You have bullets to your suitcase.” She denied it, of course, claiming that what he turned into seeing had been her hair rollers.

When the professional opened the match case, what did they locate however bullets! Then, status close to a wall, she noticed her suitcase, which seemed equal to the only she had by accident carried to the customs agent.

Moral of the story? Don’t choose with the aid of using outward look however with the aid of using internal content!


The day I turned into ordained to the gospel ministry, I wrestled with the competing dual feelings: the grandeur of the undertaking to which I have been referred to as, and my personal inadequacies and absence of qualification for it. I consider great conversations I had with pastoral colleagues even as on foot closer to the ordination carrier withinside the auditorium.

These men, each older than I, provided a few advice. They had been status simplest approximately 20 toes apart, however I quickly found out that a far wider gulf separated their philosophies.

The first pastor stated to me, “Let me come up with a bit of advice, some thing I discovered years in the past that would additionally assist you to your ministerial career.” I turned into all ears, keen to listen information from a extra skilled colleague. He proceeded to cautiously display me a way to put on a paper clip in the back of my tie so it might now no longer be noticeable, and but might preserve my tie in vicinity. By doing that I should preserve my tie in vicinity and but now no longer name interest to myself with the aid of using carrying an ornate tie clip.

A few paces in addition a second pro pastor stopped me and once I stated that I felt unworthy of this calling, he responded, “You’re right. You do not deserve it. In fact, the simplest cause you are right here these days is due to the fact He referred to as you, now no longer due to the fact you advantage it. But seeing that He referred to as you, He will qualify you. You stand there in His righteousness.”

Over the years, the ones short conversations have come to symbolize guidelines to soak up ministry. The first is the course of creating positive the entirety seems OK at the outside. The “do-what-you-do-to-please- human beings” approach. Do it to keep away from conflict. Do it to sell yourself and your programs. Spend time sharpening the in any other case unadorned clay pot of the outward self.

The second desire is to attend to the internal life, the non secular walk, the soul’s health. To spend effort and time and power understanding, taking in, and making use of the message of Christ. On my higher days, I were capable of pick out the seond. On my extra ignoble days, I actually have fallen prey to the first.