Men raised by God cannot be erased by men” if you like give them poison as tea; they will buy bread and butter and enjoy it as breakfast

Nebuchadnezzar thought he was roasting the three Hebrew boys not knowing he was sponsoring their crusade.

Roman Catholic soldiers thought that killing Jesus and covering his grave with stone will end the issue of salvation. But they didn’t know they were dealing with the chief corner stone

Israelites thought the Glory has left them not knowing that God needed to break the hands and legs of DRAGON and also force him to die a permanent death……..

Sir/Ma, affliction may rise again and again unless you handle it from the root and not on the roof……

Kidnapping the Ark of God by the Philistines was God’s divine means of transportation and invasion into the shrine of DAGON; If you know you know.

I see God invading the shrine of your enemies. I see Him terminating your problem from the root.