1. Sex is God’s gift for the both of you in your marriage. You two would be going against God’s desire, not to do it

2. Sex relieves stress and taking away tension. Yes, it has a way of making you two relax even in the midst of tough times

3. Sex makes you two create exclusive memories that makes you two bond deeply

4. Sex is a celebration of your love. It’s like a “Thanksgiving party” on the sheets where only two are invited

5. Sex affirms you two of your love. It reminds you two that you are a couple, that is why married people panic when the frequency dwindles. Some wives even remember the exact day the husband last touched them and wonder what happened

6. Sex helps you two be vulnerable. As you two strip down to physical nakedness, it will help you two to be emotionally naked with each other

7. Sex is good for your physical health. As a physical activity, sex is a good work out, helps your body organs and blood circulation

8. Sex is a journey of self-discovery and discovery of your spouse. As you two work on sexually pleasing each other, you will discover new things about yourself and your body and about your spouse and his/her body. This makes you know each other better

9. Sex allows you two to express your naughty side. We all have naughtiness inside that we hide from the public, sex with your spouse helps you to release that

10. Sex brings down walls. As you two have sex, you will realize that you will also find it easier to talk about difficult conversations and you won’t be so guarded because you feel you belong

11. Sex gives you a glow that reflects on your children, your workmates, friends and the public. People who are sexed really good tend to be so upbeat, happy and positive

12. Frequent sex reduces the power of temptation. When you and your spouse have a healthy sex life, and you do it frequently, you will be too satisfied to be lured by another

13. Sex helps you two to solve issues. Once you two talk about an issue or you go for days fighting over something then you make up and have sex, it brings a feeling of closure and togetherness. That is why make up sex is sweet and passionate

14. Sex keeps you warm. Nothing warms up your body in a cold season like good sexing with the one you love

15. Sex helps you two to bring children to the world. That is why you two look at your child/children with pride and go like “Our pleasure did that”

16. Sex provides an opportunity for you two to feel loved. When you have a spouse whose intent is to make you feel good to the maximum, you will feel really loved

17. Sex is a good way of passing idle time. When you two have free time and are just lazing around, what better way to pass time as adults than making a sex scene?

18. Sex takes away frustration. There is nothing as frustrating as having a hard on or a wet vagina and throbbing clitoris and no one to attend to it. Blessed are you when you have a spouse who will not let your hardness or wetness go to waste

19. Sex takes away the need for porn and masturbation. Why touch yourself, lust after porn stars when you have the real deal?

20. Sex helps you build up memories to talk about in your retirement years. One day your penis and vagina will retire, when they do, you two will look back and remember the sexy things you did

When you do it this way, it stops being just sex, it becomes making love. May your marriage have a healthy sex-life made by you two