1.Some of you had boyfriends, got pregnant and aborted, now you have Husbands and can’t have any babies.

2.When you were single and young it was fun to cheat with other people’s Husbands and Wives, Now you are all grown up married and single young men, women cheat with your Husband/Wife.

3. you dumped your boyfriend for a rich guy, time went by you learned that the rich boy was a daddy’s boy and his family couldn’t let him marry you. now you are emotionally broke and your Ex boyfriend is happily married and rich too.

4.Your partner was cheating on you but every time your friends told you about it, you thought they were jealous. now you are pregnant and a single mother.

5. When a lion is sick even a monkey can slap it in the face.

6.Jesus said its hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God than it is for a camel to go through the needles eye. you didn’t respect the people around you because you had money and independence.your car crushed, legs cut off your money and independence cant move you.

7 You didn’t respect your husband because you were the only one working. now you are sick(AIDS) and he moved on is happy and you are alone.

8. You looked down at your friend and thought he was dull, now you work at his company and laugh at everything he says even if its not fun.

9.You forgot that everyone deserves a piece of the pie, now they don’t help and your life is a mess.

10.When a bird is alive he feeds on ants, but when he is dead ants eat the bird., when making a match stick it takes only one tree, but it takes only one match stick to burn down a lot of trees.

No one is smarter than time, everything you have today may be no more tomorrow. the poor boys today might be the rich boys tomorrow. BE CAREFUL HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHOSE ASS YOU WILL BE KISSING TO SAVE YOURS.

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