She fell in love with his spirit, he was the man who went deep. While most women fall in love with a man’s voice or they judge a man by his shoes, belt, looks, car, job and achievement; she fell for his prayerful ways.

He is not a pastor, he has no title; he, is a man after God’s own heart.

The first time she opened up to him about her struggles in life, he prayed with her over the phone.

When she told him about her dreams in life, he committed her in prayer.

When he asked her out for a date, before the date, he prayed with her.

In each and every one of their dates, he prayed with her before they ate. Yes, there in public, he held her hands and unashamedly prayed.

In the matatu, as they had some few laughs, he would whisper short requests to God.

In the car,  he’d hold her hand and pray.

As he escorted her to her home, he prayed with her after some good jokes and hearty talks.

When her spirit is weak,  she would text him and he would text back a prayer to speak life to her spirit.

She felt it. She felt his eyes looking at her in the spiritual realm. This man’s love went beyond the physical.

He would pray about anything and randomly. A prayer was interjected in their conversation anytime the Holy Spirit prompted.

When tragic struck her, he would hug her so tight and pray.  His prayers calming her.

When he proposed to her for marriage, he knelt down not with one knee but both. He invited her to kneel down with him and he prayed to God to help him be the best husband to her as they submitted to God.

She found herself praying every day.  Her prayers become more intimate because he taught her that prayer is about a relationship with our Heavenly Father. The stronger the relationship, the deeper and frequent the communication.

When things didn’t work out, together with her,  they ran to God in prayer and stood firm.

During their wedding, he insisted on praying with his newly wedded wife as the head of his family.

In marriage, he still prayed.  They prayed every night, called forth blessings in the morning, prayed after making love. He must think of God every time, that’s why he prays in everything.

He has prayed her into success. She feels surrounded by angels because he charges Heaven into action with prayer.

He is a spiritual heavyweight, and he carries his family in the name of Jesus.

No darkness tries to terrorize his home, because his household he has covered with the blood.

He’s prayed for her womb, prays for their children, he commands things with authority and love.

Many years later, he is still the man who kisses her and tells her “Darling, shall we pray?”

There’s nothing as beautifully intense as a spouse who constantly thinks about you in the presence of God.