the ministry of angels & believers


There are two diverse  types  of ministries present onthe earth today:    the  ministry  of angels  and  the ministry   of believers.

The subject of angels is one about which  little is said. The Bible, however, is not silent concerning them. The Psalms tell us of their ministry of protection of God’s  children:  “The angel of   the   Lord   encampethround   about them   that   fear him,   and delivereth   them”(Psalm  34:7).  “For   he   shall give   his angels charge over thee,  to keep  thee  in all thy ways. They  shall  bear thee up in their  hands,  lest  thou  dash thy foot againsta  stone” (Psalm 91:11, 12).

As a child  of God,  you can  expect His angels to minister to you. “Be  not forgetful  to   entertain   strangers: for  thereby some have entertained  angels  unawares” (Hebrews 13:2).

When  Lucifer fell from heaven he took one-third of the angels  with him, and they  became the foul demons of hell. The remaining two-thirds  of heaven’s angels are still actively working   for  God,    frequently manifesting  their  ministry to people today.  They do the Lord’s  work on earth when man’s ability is limited.

Often man’s ability is limited by his own ignorance. This is where the ministry of believers comes in. First, youmust learn what your rights to minister are, and then you must put them into practice.

It is the believer’s  responsibility to know what the Word of God says about his rights;  it is his privilege to exercise those rights, to use the promises in God’s   Word as his strength for any situation. The tools  of a Christian are prayer and praise, used in faith and with boldness.

Discover  what  your  rights  are in  Jesus and  live  a successful,  powerful,  victorious life.

The ministry of angels has never been given a very large place  in  Christianity  since the time of  the   Reformation. However,    the  Bible contains    many   references  to  angelic ministries.   The  Old  Testament gives  many examples of angelic  visits as well as teaching   and promise regarding this subject. Angels ministered where man’s strength and ability were limited.

In the Gospels there are numerous  references to angels. Angels  visited  Mary and  Joseph.  Angels announced theMessiah’s birth,  and at His resurrection they rolled away the stone. They ministered to Jesus in the wilderness. They stood beside the disciples   following the Lord’s   ascension   and told them He  was coming back   in like manner as they had seen Him go away.

In the  Book  of Acts  we read how an angel opened the prison and  delivered the apostles,  telling them,    “Go,   stand and  speak  in the  temple  to the  people  all the  words of this  life” (Acts  5:20). It was an angel who   supernaturally transported Philip  from Samaria to Gaza   (Acts 8). It was an  angel who opened the prison  and set   Peter  free (Acts 12). Throughoutthe Book of Acts the  ministry of angels is evident.

The  Book  of Acts represents the  first  33 years of the Church’s    ministry,    and  is the guideline   for 20th century Christians. What took place then we have a right to expect today.

In the Book of Acts we see the mighty works of the Spirit through  the  ministry of the apostles. The instrument theyused was the Word of God. The power behind the Word which produced   miracles  was the name of Jesus. The ability came through the indwelling  presence of the Holy Spirit.

Hebrews 1:14  informs us  that angels  are  ministering spirits,  sent forth to do service for the sake of them that shall inherit   salvation.  The    conversion    of  Ed   Nelson  is   a remarkable example of the intervention of angels to reach onewhowas seemingly destined for a Christless grave.

It is important that you  know  what  belongs  to you  in Christ  and how to possess these rights by faith. Jesus said, “And  ye shall   know the truth,   and the truth   shall make   you free” (John 8:32). In other  words, “When  you understand your rights, you can  enjoy your  liberty.”

Without   knowing  your  rights,    you  may  be  constantly tormented by fears and uncertainties,   by doubts and defeat, by sickness   and  infirmities.  When  you know your rights  in Christ, you can  face each day with certainty.  You can  act with assurance, you can  pray with confidence, you can  speak with authority.   Your  countenance     is  settled,     your attitude   is unwavering, your integrity is unblemished.

When  you know your rights,   your faith  does not waver. “But  let    him    ask  in    faith, nothing    wavering.  For    he  thatwavereth   is   like   a wave of  the sea   driven   with   the  wind  and tossed. For let   not that man   think that he   shall receive   any thing of the Lord. A  double  minded man is unstable  in all hisways” (James 1:6-8).

When you know your rights,  you are not willing  for Satan or anyone to prevent you from enjoying them. James 4:7 says, “…Resist the  devil,  and he  will  flee  from  you.” When you know your rights,   you will   not give up until  you possess what is yours in Christ Jesus.  The apostle Paul said,  “…  For  all things are    yours  …  And    ye  are    Christ’s; and    Christ  is    God’s”    (1

Corinthians  3:21, 23).

What,    then,  are some of your  rights as  a  follower    of


1.   You have a right to be  saved and free  from  condemnation.

Thousands are tormentedby inward fears that they might not be right with God. This fear continually destroys their faith and steadfastness in prayer. Such tormenting fear is

The Ministry  of Angels and  Believers

of the devil.

When you accept Christ as your Saviour,  understand that He bore your sins and paid the penalty for them. When you confess Jesus before men and  tell what He has done for you, you  are  accepted by  our  wonderful God.  By  His  creative power,  He  works a miracle   in  yourlife  and  you are born again.  You become a new creature.   You are saved.  You are changed.  His life becomes your life. You are a son of God, your sins are gone,your nature is changed. You are counted as one of  God’s   children.   Christ’s  life, His  love,   His righteousness begins to be reflected in you.

Yes,  you are a Christian; that is,  you have become Christ- like.”  Such an experience is a miracle  of redemption, a marvel of divine love.

This love-life,   peace-life, faith-life and  health-life is the object of Satan’s greatest jealousy. He yearns to destroy such a life. Since he cannot  legally affect your salvation,  his aim is to  undermine   your  confidence  and   faith,    to  torment   and accuse  you.  Satan  despises  yourrights  as  a  believer. He knows that only by affectingyour faith can  he affect your life with Jesus.

Claim  yourrights  in  Christ and  allow  God’s   peace  to replace the fear and condemnation  that once filled your heart.

2.   You have a   right to   peace.    You  are free from your   sins because Jesus paid for them. He did not come to  condemn the world  but that the world  through Him might  be saved (John 3:17). “Beloved,   if our heart   condemn us   not,   then have  we confidence  toward God”(I  John  3:21).  If  the devil can     torment  you and   condemn you,     he   knows your confidence is shattered and without  faith   you will never enjoy the blessings which  Jesus died  to provide for you.

When Jesus left this earth and returned to the right hand of the Father,  He said,  “Peace I leave  with  you,  my peace I give unto   you . . .  ”   (John 14:27). That peace is yours now. Don’tlet  the devil throw a blanket  of condemnation   over your soul every time you claim  God’s   blessings.  Moffatt’s translation  of Romans 8:34 reads:  “When God   acquits,   who   shall condemn,

Your  Rights  In  Christ

when Christ,   Who  is at God’s right hand,   actually   pleads   for us?”   You  have  been acquitted    by  God,    and  no  devil can condemn you. Jesus will never condemn youbecause He has provided for your redemption.

I have seen Satan cheat  people out of countless  blessings by  his cunning    trick    of  condemnation.    That  is  whyPaul shouts,    “There    is    therefore  now    no    condemnation    to  them which   are in   Christ   Jesus,   who walk   not   after the   flesh,   but after  the Spirit” (Romans 8:1).

You can  say,  “Never again will I confess condemnation, for there is now no condemnation  to them  which  are in Christ. Iam in Christ;  therefore, I am free from condemnation!”

Speak thesewords: Therefore  being justified  by faith, wehave  peace with  God through our  Lord Jesus  Christ”  (Romans


One of the fruits of the Spirit is peace (Galatians 5:22). Ephesians 2:14 says,  “For he  is our  peace….”

Paul commands  us,   Let   the   peace  ofGod   rule   in  yourhearts . . . ”    (Colossians 3:15).

You  see,  fear  and   condemnation    have  no  part in  a believer. They are of Satan.  Resist these wrong spirits  and claim  the peace of the Lord. For it is yours.

3.   You have a right to be  well  and  strong. Health belongs to you    just    as  peace does  because,  “…    Himself    took    our infirmities,  and bare our  sicknesses” (Matthew  8:17).

Sickness   is  of the  devil. It steals energy and  health,   it loses  money and time, it prevents pleasure, and it even kills.

Satan has no right to place disease and weakness on your body. You have a covenant right  to health. God’s   covenant with believers states that the Lord is our physician.  “I  am the Lord that healeth  thee”  (Exodus  15:26).

Disease was part  of the curse for disobedience. But you are  no  longer  disobedient    when  you  obey  the  gospel and receive Jesus as Saviour and Lord. Jesus bore your diseases for you (Matthew8:17;  Isaiah  53:5). This is a clear Bible fact.

The Ministry  of Angels and  Believers

He  took your place  and  bore your punishment of  sickness which   you deserved to bear. He  suffered that you might be healed.

Jesus demonstrated this same covenant in His attitude while on earth by  healing   every person  who sought  His healing.  Healing was an  integral  part of  every   disciple’s ministry. The early Christians ministered healing to the sick. The  Holy   Spirit placed   gifts  of healing  in the Church.   An established   ordinance of  the   Church    states,    “Is    any  sick among   you? let   him call   for   the elders   of   the church;   and   let them pray over him,  anointinghim  with  oil in the name of the Lord:  And the  prayer of faith  shall save the sick,  and the  Lord shall  raise  him up …”  (James 5:14,15).

The only reason sickness  has been able to invade the lives of countless devout Christians is that Satan has succeeded in making them believe that sickness   is from God and  will in some way  do them some good. The fact  is that sickness   is entirely  of the devil. Jesus healed  all who were oppressed of thedevil (Acts 10:38).

You have a right tobe well. You havea right to have astrong body. Claim your rights. Don’t let Satan undermine your faith. Resist him in Jesus’   name and he will flee from you (James 4:7). “According   as his divine   power hath   givenunto   us   all things   that   pertain   unto life and   godliness …”  (II Peter 1:3). Sickness   pertains to death,   for it is death in   its premature  form.  But  health   pertains   to  life. God     says, “Beloved,   I   wish   above all   things that   thou mayest   prosper and be  in health, even  as thy soul prospereth” (3 John 2).

Claim all your rights. Jesus suffered and died to provide them.  Purpose  to enjoy them.  Resolve  to possess  what His suffering paid for. Do not yield  what belongs to you. Jesus, your  victor,   stands  for you. His  peace,  health  and  life are yours today.