1Samuel 1:1-28

When you think of Hannah, think of persistence of faith.

At a time in history when infertility earned a woman both scorn and ridicule, Hannah faced an added heartache.

 She became the object of cruel mocking by her husband’s other wife. Had you been Hannah, how would you have responded?

Hannah refused to lash out at her rival, but instead took her sorrow and loss to God. She prayed earnestly to her Lord, begging him for a son. She refused to believe that her difficult situation had to remain permanent.

Hannah prayed sincerely, specifically and sacrificially. She did not back away from her request, even when rebuked by an uncomprehending priest and God rewarded her faith with a son, Samuel. When the time came for her to keep her word and give Samuel to the service of the Lord, she did so with a thankful heart.

Prayer changed the course of Hannah’s life and impact an entire nation. God used her son in a key role as prophet during the lifetime of King David, and his influence outlived him as he gave great impetus to the prophetic movement.

God also blessed Hannah with many other children, proving once again His delight in the faith and persistence of His people.