1. The penis has no power of its own, it is controlled by the mind

2. The mind is powerful enough to instantly turn a hanging, soft and small penis into a steady, hard, long and thick penis

3. Wives, if you want to have sexual influence over your husband, win his mind through his eyes and imaginations. That is why men love to visually and literally flirt

4. If you are still a boy in your mind, you will be reckless with your penis. Grown minds have sex control

5. It doesn’t matter how wealthy, fat, slim, old or educated a woman is, once she conquers a man’s mind, she has influence over his penis. That is why sometimes men will find a woman sexy and other women wonder what does he see in the woman?

6. If your mind demeans women, your penis will sexually use women. But a mind that respects women will tell a penis to behave

7. If a man’s mind is overly excited during love making, he will ejaculate quickly. Ladies you make him so excited, it’s a compliment. Teach his mind to relax

8. If a man learns to control his mind during love making, the mind will teach the penis to last longer and keep an erection

9. If the man is feeling pressured, or he is worried if he is pleasuring his wife right, or if he is long enough, he will lose his erection during love making. Ladies, don’t put alot of pressure on your husband if you want him to last and satisfy you

10. When a man has good thoughts of himself, it will reflect on his penis

11. When a man’s mind is disturbed perhaps because of money problems, work related stress or guilt, the penis will struggle to erect. Wives, find out if your husband is mentally OK before you complain about the pathetic sex life

12. When a man feeds his mind lust and porn, his penis will see any woman as a sex object and a potential object to sleep with

13. You may be saved, believing in God, but if your mind has not been transformed and renewed, you will struggle with being responsible with sex

14. A man who is stressed up or battling low self-esteem issues will feel low in the mind and instruct his mind to sleep around or regularly masturbate to give the mind a high. This is how he becomes a sex addict

15. When the mind of a man values his woman and highly regards her, his mind will order his penis to walk away and flee in the midst of temptation when he is getting aroused by another woman

16. A man who thinks that all a woman wants is to be satisfied in bed, he will disrespectfully send nudes of his penis to women

17. When a man in his mind sees himself as a king, he will not give his penis to just any woman. The act of giving his penis is special

18. Sex starts in the mind. The man who has mental control will have sexual control