1. Checking out other women’s butt and boobs when they walk. It shows lust and a hyena mentality

2. Lying. Women can tell when a man is lying. She is a grown up, she can handle the truth

3. Avoiding correction. What is the point of her being in your life if she can’t build you and watch out for you?

4. Over selling and under delivering. Don’t talk a big game and do little. If you said you will do something, do it

5. Removing the heart in sex. She doesn’t want to be a sex object so don’t cheapen her by demanding sex yet you treat her badly

6. Uncleanliness. Man, you are a grown up. Take care of yourself. Wear clean things, brush your teeth, change clothes, wash up, wash your hands

7. Sexist jokes. Don’t look down on women then laugh about it

8. Laziness. Don’t be lazy treating your woman/wife like a house help, being lazy in tidying up the mess you make, being lazy in building a life. Be motivated even if life is tough and doors keep closing

9. Sideling her in decisions. Women hate it when their men fail to keep them on the know and do things without consulting them

10. Watching porn. She cringes that you lust after other women for sexual stimulation

11. Public humiliation. Don’t order her around or treat her like a trophy, respect her like a Queen

12. Self centered ego. Don’t be so full of yourself that living with you becomes dreadful

13. Flirting with other women claiming it is nothing serious. Doing so shows disrespect to what you have with her