1. Allow your spouse to touch you, relax; bring down your guard

2. There is a language touch will speak that words cannot

3. Touch is part of intimacy

4. The more a couple touch each other, the better they connect and feel comfortable with each other

5. Don’t only touch each other when sex is the agenda

6. Touch other places of your spouse’s body besides breasts, butt and penis

7. Gentlemen, don’t go to barber shops for your nipples to get rubbed; allow your wife to do so

8. Find out if your wife loves to be touched on her inner thighs; if yes, touch her there

9. Find out if your husband loves his balls touched; if yes, touch him there

10. The pressure you put when touching will determine whether your touch is ticklish or sensual

11. Be gentle in your touch

12. There are moments your spouse might want you to touch with passion or force; such as a tight butt grab or a tight hug… do it

13. You may hug your friends; but tight, long, intimate, body to body hugs should be preserved for your spouse

14. Find out if your spouse loves their scalp touched; some find this sensual or relaxing. Do it

15. There are some places your spouse has never been touched; discover them

16. Make it a habit to give each other massages; whether naked or clothed

17. As you lay in bed, cuddle and touch each other’s skin.. especially when you have pillow talks

18. Wives, don’t always wait for your husband to initiate touch; you too can start it

19. Husbands, don’t be so uptight. Even if you grew up in a background where there wasn’t much touching unless sex was involved, learn to touch and be touched. It will make you a better and loving man

20. Pay attention to how your spouse responds to your touch. If your spouse feels good when you touch the nipples, chest, back, feet, knees, shoulders, butt; do it often

21. A touchy couple is a sexy, sensual couple