Is the one who…

1. Adds value, not just there to receive

2. Brings out the best in her husband by believing in him

3. Gives a man peace of mind, not stress

4. Stands by him when things get tough

5. Brings him favour and progress, not taking him many steps back

6. Is aware that she can also be wrong and doesn’t mind apologizing when she is

7. Helps him make the family stand, he knows he can’t do it without her

8. Is not a yes woman, she can disagree with him respectfully and give a helpful, different opinion

9. Excites him sexually, seduces him

10. Moulds him privately so that he shines publicly

11. Keeps his secrets without sharing with others his weaknesses

12. Remains faithful and doesn’t give him reasons to feel insecure

13. Appreciates his efforts big and small

14. Is a good influence to the children, he knows his children are in safe hands with mom

15. Doesn’t undermine, intimidate or belittle him

16. Doesn’t shout at him, insult him or provoke him to anger

17. Has her own personal vision and pursues it, making him proud of her as an individual

Dear wife, are you worth fighting for or have you drained your husband with your mannerisms, attitude, tone, fights and negativity that he is thinking life can be better, more peaceful and easier without you? Are you a keeper? Are you worth fighting for? Men fight for what they value