1. “A man who talks only about himself”

When on a date, a woman wants to know the man too. But if the man is full of himself and makes the conversation about only him, that is a turn off.

2. “A man who keeps bringing his ex in the picture”

A woman finds it trusting of a man if he tells her of his ex, how long they dated and why they broke up. But he shouldn’t keep bringing her in the conversations “My ex used to do this and that”. No one wants to keep competing with the memories of their lover’s past, and surely don’t call your ex or meet up with your ex too often.

3. “A man who brags about his money”

If a man has money it will clearly be visible. He doesn’t need to keep on advertising his achievements, his pile of University Degrees and wealth. His money is not what she is after but him as a person.

4. “A man who is rigid”

A woman goes on a date and engages in conversations with a man for him to make a wow moment with her, but if he is too uptight and caring too much about his ego that he cannot laugh, dance, play, joke; she will avoid him. It’s often said women love bad boys, but the underlining truth is not that they really love bad boys but men who are full of life. You can be a good man but still be spontaneous, adventurous, thrilling and fun.

5. “A pervert”

A man who is always thinking of sex is a turn off and rather immature. It makes the woman wonder “I am more than a sexy body of boobs, thighs and ass: if only the man would take note of my intelligent mind, big heart, friendly spirit and ambition”. Matters sexy are good and have their place, but they are part of a bigger equation not the end and beginning of the equation.

6. “A man who intimidates”

So what if he has traveled the world more than her, won more awards than her, acquired more University degrees than her, knows God’s word more than her, has a stronger body than hers; he shouldn’t lord himself over her and try and make her feel worthless and small compared to his pride.

7. “A man who flirts around”

You can be good looking, successful, maybe even treat your woman well; but if as a man you flirt around with other women and make suggestive remarks and advances on them, your flirtatious nature cancels all the good you have.

8. “A man who is the baby in the relationship”

The woman may call him “Baibe” but the man shouldn’t act as a baby, he should man up, show leadership and confidence, come out sure of what he wants and take responsibility as a man.

9. “A man who is selfish”

If it’s always about her meeting his needs; be they sexual, emotional, or social needs; she will find it a turn off.

10. “A man who lies”

A man is as good as his word, anything contrary waters down his attractiveness.

11. “A man who is good to only her”

Women study men, they will want to know if he is pretending to be good to her but is cold and heartless to other people. She will study how he treats the waiter who serves him a wrong order, the watchman, his family members, the beggar, his employees or subordinates. If his good side shows to only her, eventually he will get tired of pretending and be mean towards her too.

12. “A man who is stuck in her past”

A man who is preoccupied with digging up a woman’s past more than wanting to know her dreams is a turn off. If every time they disagree or go through a low moment he brings up her past to hurt her, that is even worse.

13. “A man who praises other women”

A woman is aware that her man is surrounded by beautiful women. But if he praises other women more than her, if he openly ogles and drools over others yet barely looks at her, if he likes and comments with sweet words the pictures of other women on Facebook or Instagram yet rarely bothers to respond on hers; she will be turned off.

14. “A drunkard”

Some women don’t mind a man who drinks; be it wine or any form of alcohol. He could be good company as they enjoy a drink together, but if alcohol controls him and he loses himself to start behaving badly and in an embarrassing manner; that is a major turn off. Some women find a man who drinks alcohol a turn off even if a moderate amount, they can’t stand the smell of alcohol in a man’s breath.

15. “A man who buys drinks with a motive”

A man who buys a drink or even give gifts in the hope of getting sexual favors repels the woman.

Actually, a woman with any of these traits is likewise a turn off to a man