So many are here weary

Too many are tired

So many are weak

And many are afraid

But speak thou a WORD

That will bring comfort and healing

To refresh, To quicken us, To shapen us

To energize us.

Speak a WORD that will course an infusion or new Inspiration, an injection of fresh oil into our spiritual beings, that gives divine capabilities to where we came from and to tell the devil you have no authority, you can’t stop me, am unstoppable, am indestructible, I will run the race, I will finish my course and I will fight a good fight of faith.


and now to the principalities and the powers of this region,

I speak from a heavenly perspective, from where all authority and power proceeds over heaven and earth.

In the name of He who died, laid in the grave and arose triumphant on the third day

Comply, bow your knees, obey the voice of watchers of Zion,

Obey the decrees of the Holy one, come into compliance.

In the name of Jesus comply, Comply to the will and the demands of the intercessors.

Amen and Amen