1. Sleeping next to you defenseless, and sure that you will not harm me.

2. Having children with you, knowing I will not do parenthood alone.

3. Introducing you to my parents and family, confident that you will honour them and love them like your own.

4. Eating food that you have cooked, knowing that you can never poison me.

5. Watching you walk through the door of our home, knowing that you will not do anything outside there to jeopardize our precious family.

6. Investing my money, emotions, time and effort in us, knowing we have a firm foundation and this is serious.

7. Giving you my naked body raw, knowing that you are responsible and faithful with your sexual organ so you won’t bring me diseases.

8. No need for me going through your phone, because I know you don’t need me to police you, you are not doing anything shameful inside there.

9. Proudly calling myself yours, knowing no one else is claiming you.

10. Being at peace when you are physically far away from me, knowing you will do what is best for us.

11. Banking on every word you tell me, knowing you are telling me the truth.

12. Closing my eyes in surrender, knowing I am safe with you.

13. Defending you when others attack you, knowing you are worth fighting for.

14. Giving you a lifetime to spend with me, knowing I will not regret it