1. Dear gentleman, understand your wife when after giving birth she is not so enthusiastic about having sex. Don’t make her feel less of a wife when she is still in pain or not ready to let you inside the same passage through which she gave birth. Understand her and be patient with her, she has been through so much for the both of you

2. Dear lady, understand your man when he doesn’t last long in bed during love making. Don’t take that as a reason to attack his performance as you remind him how much he doesn’t sexually satisfy you. Understand him, he is frustrated about his penis, don’t make him more uncomfortable about it as this will lead him to avoiding you in bed and you will feel neglected. Help his bruised ego, affirm him, learn new tricks together to make him last

3. Dear gentleman, understand your woman when she wants a wedding and wants you to make it official. She is just looking for security, she doesn’t want to be a come we stay woman who can be ditched when you get bored but a wife. Understand her need to protect herself, she wants you to take her hand in the right way. As long as you don’t do this she will not feel like a wife

4. Dear lady, understand when your man requests you two to do a simple wedding based on the much you can afford. Understand his efforts when he not only budgets for the wedding you two can manage but most importantly invests and saves money for your marriage. Marriage is more important. You can do an even bigger marriage celebration event some years later in marriage when your wealth increases

5. Dear gentleman, understand your wife when you two have tried getting a child but either she doesn’t conceive or she suffers miscarriage, don’t mock her or make her feel like a failure. Understand that she is not God and she cannot give or sustain life. You could be the one with the issue or maybe her or maybe it’s just not yet time but please understand her pain, don’t add to it

6. Dear lady who married a man who had a child with another woman out there. You knew this man had a young life to raise outside of your love, don’t make fatherhood difficult for him. As long as he demonstrates that his focus and his loyalty is to you, support his efforts to be a father even when you are not the mother. Understand that the man you are with loves you and wants no other woman but you. Trust him, allow him to be there as a father

7. Dear gentleman, understand your wife when she raises concern about your mother. Don’t look at your wife as a threat to your mother, they are not in competition. Accept that the mother who raised you can be wrong sometimes and biased. Hear you wife out. Understand that sometimes mothers-in-law have wrecked stable homes knowingly or unknowingly

8. Dear lady, understand that your husband is not your father. Stop looking for your father in him. If you had a good father, don’t force your husband to be like him, let your husband find his own goodness. If you had a bad father, don’t expect your husband to be as bad. Understand that your husband is his own man. Stop having daddy issues

9. Dear gentleman, understand when your woman wants to pursue her dreams too, when she wants to go to school, start her own business, reach a certain place in her career before having children. Understand that you are not the only one with dreams and ambitions. Her excelling doesn’t mean she is leaving you. Stop being insecure and fighting her success

10. Dear lady, understand the struggles your man goes through. Respect his hustle, cheer him on even when he makes little. Understand that he needs you to motivate him. Don’t let him feel like you only respect a man when he has alot of money

11. Dear gentleman, understand your woman when she requests you to put boundaries between you and your female friends. Understand that you are no longer single, stop entertaining every and any woman making them feel special. Focus on your Queen

12. Dear lady, understand when your man has reservations about the calibre of some of your friends. Hear him out, he is not trying to spoil your fun. Understand that some women have destroyed their relationships because of the wrong advice, gossip and corrupting lifestyle of their friends