MORNING: Genesis 33, EVENING: Genesis 34


“Yes, I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in me and I in him shall produce a large crop of fruit. For apart from me you can’t do a thing.” – John 15:5(TLB-)

Good Morning! What a day the Lord has made. Glory to God!

As we continue in our study, I keep hearing God saying this is the key to someone’s miracle.

Romans 4:20 said Abraham faith and trust grew stronger in the process of time (TLB-).

Another very strong issue God is raising to our hearts this morning is HAVING A STRONG FAITH.

God expects our faith to keep growing from one level into another during our waiting period. Yes, you may tell me brother this things is not easy as you think.

But can I take you back to yesterday’s analogy. Every child that receives such news from his father will be so excited that they want to go for holiday abroad.

The more the excitement, the more the believe that their father is capable of doing it. Infact, their father might sometimes remind them of their trip abroad to make them keep preparing.

This js the way God expects us to keep acting. Friends, BE EXCITED ABOUT WHAT GOD HAS SAID TO YOU THROUGH HIS WORD, OR A PROPHECY OR SHOWN YOU IN A DREAM, He is very capable to accomplish it.

Let your FAITH AND TRUST keep GROWING STRONGER. Keep feeding it with the Word of God, go and look for testimonies of people God has touched in that area of your present challenge and meditate on them. It will keep building your faith.

Keep that picture of the miracle you are expecting in your mind. BE EXCITED AND BE SO FULL OF JOY. I tell you, you will confuse the devil for life.

I release into your life and home SENT HELPERS from God to put in place a lifetime Joy and laughter you can never recover from in a hurry in Jesus name