6:45 am, she woke up in bed feeling sick. She looked to her side and didn’t see her husband in bed.

The sun was peeping gently into the bedroom.

She got up. As she put on her robe to go to the toilet, she saw red rose flower petals on the floor.

She turned on the lights to see clearly, the curtains were not yet opened.

The flower petals had been carefully sprinkled on the floor.

She got shocked; surprisingly shocked. Petal after petal, she followed the trail.

The flower trail was leading her to the living room. She could hear some worship music playing softly in the living room.

In the living room, her eyes met the eyes of her husband. She felt a tingle in her body, a shock, a feeling of nakedness. That feeling reminded her of the days they used to date when things between them were sweeter.

“I love you” he said. That husband who was still in his tshirt and pair of shorts.

She felt weak in her knees. Should she faint? It has been a while since she’s heard those words from him. Those three words from his lips have never sounded more real.

He walked to her. Slowly.

Her chest was beating. Why is the man she’s married to suddenly making her feel anxious?

Trembling sensations.

He stood in front of her. Face to face. Inches from her.

She could feel and hear him breathe.

He knelt down and lifted up the night dress she wore. Holding her hips, he kissed her belly.

His lips stayed on her belly for some seconds. He inhaled air right there.

He stood up, looked at her and hugged her.

“I know you’re pregnant” he said.

She got caught off guard.

“How did you know?” She asked.

“Your morning sickness, plus your sister told me. And I overheard you telling your mom on the phone” he answered.

The hug ended and he looked deep in her eyes saying, “I know you have been confused not knowing what to do and how to tell me. Our marriage hasn’t been at its best and we have even contemplated living apart. Things have been shaky between us and this is not the right state of a marriage to have a child”

Then came her tears. He wiped her tears.

“I also know that you didn’t know how to break the news to me because I have been telling you I am not ready to have a baby in the house, not ready to be a father” he added.

Her lips he kissed.

“Honey, I love you. I am not separating with you. Every marriage has storms and our storm is coming to an end. I don’t want to lose you, we are keeping and having our baby” he told her.

Her tears welled up some more. He wiped them.

“I want to make one thing very clear. I am staying with you, not because we have a child but because I love you. We will not be like the couples that remain married only for the children. I love you. I have seen all the effort you put as my wife, you are the woman I trust with all of me. Thank you for loving me unconditionally, I am in love with you”

He knelt again, lifted up her night dress and kissed her belly again.

As he looked at her belly, he said, “I may not have been ready to be a father, but God will make me ready. Now that our young is here, I will step up. I will not be a dead beat dad. I will give this child the best of me. I will be there for you my child. God help me be the best husband and father”

She placed her left hand on his head. He looked up at her then stood up.

“Honey, you are not pregnant, we are pregnant” he spoke.

She hugged him tightly and whispered, “We are pregnant”

They hugged each other in silence then he held her hand and led her to the dinning table where he had prepared her breakfast.

“Come my Queen, let me feed you” said he.

He sat her down.

As he was pouring her tea in her mug, she vomited on the floor.

“So sorry” she apologized.

He kissed her forehead and told her, “Shhh, don’t apologize. I will wipe. From now on I will take care of you and our baby. We are pregnant”